5 Things To Expect From Yemi Alade’s Mama Africa Album


Yemi Alade is set to release her highly anticapted sophomore album Mama Africa, and she has made the big proclaimation in the album title. Big shoes to live up to.

The album tracklist is out already, and the project which will be released on March 26th, 2016 is already available on pre-order. The has the already released hits Na Gode (a top 50 song of 2015), Do As I Do, and Koffi Anan.

We caught up Yemi Alade and she told us 5 things to expect from her sophomore album, Mama Africa. Check out what she has to say:

1My Canvas

The album, MAMA AFRICA, is my canvas and I intend to paint Africa as I see it; in colours richer than life.

2My Diary

On the album, I share my stories through life: The pain, the joy, my thoughts, my failures and my success. Really, the album is like my diary.

3More Hits

On Mama Africa you can expect more hits and hits. The album features many of your favorite African artists, producers and musicians. It’s going to have a variety of talents on display.

4Undiscussed Issues

MAMA AFRICA has song where I sing on topics people would rather avoid. I show my vulnerable yet strong sides and character that every african woman is known for.

5Unapologetically African

On MAMA AFRICA, I’m shameless, unapologetic and proud of my african roots, culture and beliefs. From my the videos you see that I always express it. Expect more of that vibe on the album, and videos that’ll follow.

Finally, Yemi Alade adde that 2016 is about my fans. She’s all about the fans this year, and the album will show that.

Remember to cop the album once it drops on March 26th, 2016. To those who want to get a jump start, you can pre-order it right here.



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