5 Places to Eat in Lagos for N2000 or Less! Courtesy of CriticChef.com

places to eat in lagos

We all love a good deal on delicious food. Lagos is the land of restaurants in Nigeria with so much variety to choose from; sometimes we have to get the biggest bang for our buck. Here at CriticChef, we love to find the best food deals and present to you five restaurants in Lagos where you can have a full meal for N2000 or less! This is why we are here! Its awesome!

Here are 5 places you can eat in Lagos for less than N2000 brought to you by CriticChef.com



Food, Arts & Crafts in a beautifully decorated atmosphere. TerraKulture is one of Lagos best “non secrets”. Founded in 2004, the centre comprises an art gallery / library and cultural venue, Nigerian art exhibition, a theater, book readings as well as language classes in the three main Nigerian languages, Hausa, Ibo and Yoruba. Most importantly, it boasts a beautiful and affordable restaurant that serves mouth-watering Nigerian delicacies at an affordable price. From their breakfast menu you can get yummy MoiMoi (Bean cake) and Ogi (Pap) for N1650. On their lunch menu you can get a steaming bowl of Ofada rice with diced pieces of meat for N1900. We think those are pretty good deals for a place like TerraKulture that boasts so much more than food. Check them out!


Bukka Hut



This is not your typical Buka so don’t let the name fool ya!. Bukka Hut is a favourite among Lagosians for many reasons particularly their prices and portions. I personally can testify that the meals are very generous. Here you can get their Business Lunch which consists of plantain served with your choice of rice, spaghetti, beans, yam porridge, fish or beef and ponmo and a soft drink for N1220!!. Full Portions of Rice, Beans, Yam Porridge and Spaghetti range from N350 – N800. If these prices don’t make you run over to any of their locations…you are definitely smoking something 🙂

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