5 Nigerian Celebrity Relationships That We Believe Are/Were Publicity Stunts


Publicity Stunts are part and parcel of the Nigerian entertainment industry, and one of the biggest ways of pulling off a PR stunt is by faking a relationship with another celebrity. Hey, it’s worked in the US so why not in Nigeria too right? After all we all love a great celebrity relationship that we can admire from afar and also criticize from the comfort of our social media pages.

Here are some of the “relationships” we believe are publicity stunts. I mean we don’t know 100% since we’re not in the bedrooms with them, but from insider information we know it’s definitely not legit.


Jim and Nadia

This one actually seemed legit initially, but with all the social media theatrics, fake proposals, spiritual deliverances, break ups and make ups that went on, you just knew that this was made for TV. Nadia already hinted that her proposal was staged for Jim Iyke’s reality TV show, Jim Iyke Unscripted. Yep. PR Stunt Big Time. I mean they are both into acting so it only makes sense right?



Dbanj and Genevieve

Maybe their first run at the relationship MIGHT have been legit, but the latest reunion/rekindling of their relationship has PR stunt written all over it, and on this side Dbanj looks like the one really pushing the news. An ultimate sign of a PR stunt relationship is media houses constant pushing the story out to make it stick in the minds of people and this has that on it. They might have been in love back in 2009, but in 2014 it’s clearly a PR stunt.



Uti & Saeon

This is another one that has publicity stunt written all over it. It could be the struggle to break in from Saeon or the struggle to stay relevant from Uti, or a combination of the two. The couple appeared together at a couple of events, and tried to make us believe this stunt by publicly admitting that they are in love and granting numerous interviews to prove their relationship is real. Sorry guys, we still aint buying it. Especially coming from Uti and Saeon who have tried pull over other PR stunts before. (Impersonators and Hackers united)



Beverly & Angelo

Yes we saw them make out on Big Brother Africa (which we know is full of tactics to win the big money), and we saw them get closer in the house etc. But if there was any kind of relationship from the show, anything afterwards was just PR on steroids. One day they’ve broken up, the next Angelo has a fiancee, but Beverly is the love of his life, etc. It all dragged on too long to a point it was obvious the two were enjoying the attention and drew it out as long as they could. Eventually we lost interest.

For what it’s worth, the make-out session in the tub is a classic for BBA.


Yemi Alade & Alex Ekubo

Yemi Alade & Alex Ekubo

We love Yemi Alade, and even though they haven’t publicly stated that there is a relationship going on, they’ve definitely sent hints to make us try to believe there is something. But nope, we’re not. We wont. It’s obviously a PR move spurned from her Johnny video, and they’ve taken it a step further by appearing together at events, and some “interesting” social media tributes. I mean it’s entertainment right?

Like I said, they haven’t come out to say they are together, but before they attempt to, we’re calling PR stunt on it.


Jara: Yvonne Nelson and Iyanya. It might have been real once, but everything else after was just PR on steroids.

Peace out – Jummai



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