4 Signs You Are a Major ‘Selfie’ Addict


A trend that has infected the entire globe, the ‘Selfie’ is the new-age mirror and everyone -toddlers, teenagers, the elderly, top class professionals, celebrities and world leader- is posting them everywhere! 

Selfies are taken so seriously that books have been written based on the trend, apps like snapchat have been developed specifically to accommodate it and powerful celebrities and world leaders including the president of USA, Barack Obama, have taken to the fad.

There is no doubt that the selfie culture is now a worldwide phenomenon and is here to stay. However it is unfortunate that the viral trend has also brought about a condition now known as ‘Selfititis’ which according to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), is an uncontrollable urge to click images of yourselves throughout the day. 

While most people are aware of this condition, they find it hard to tell when they are suffering from the condition. Jovago.com, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal therefore reveals 4 signs that show you have got Selfititis.

Your social media pages are filled with selfies

Most of the social media apps, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat offer users opportunity to post and share pictures with their community of friends and followers. Usually they also include a space for profile picture. So, if you cannot find a con-selfie picture on any of your social media pages or the ratio of non-selfies to selfies are extremely low, you might want to check yourself in for Selfititis! Also, if your profile page is a collage of your selfies, it is a red flag.

You have a certification in posting pictures and pouting

While these social media pages, especially Instagram and Snapchat, give room for posting pictures, some users have taken the opportunity and turned it into a full time job, they post these selfies all the time! The unique thing about recent selfies is the pouting that comes with it. Popularly referred to as “duck face”, you find teenagers, and even adults (men) posting pictures with them pouting in it. If you have more than 100 posts of selfies on your page and you discover that your new best pose is the ‘Pout’, then be aware that you clearly have a problem.

Nothing and Nowhere is off limits

It is amazing at how most people feel comfortable taking quick selfies everywhere and at any time. You find posts of selfies taken with everything imaginable – food, furniture, accident victims, celebrities, and in every place possible – toilets, bathroom, middle of main roads, top of skyscrapers and even in church. The most amazing is probably the ‘pretending to sleep’ selfies. If you find it easy to take selfies with anything anywhere, you are certainly an addict.

You have numerous selfie-related apps on your phone or computer

Selfie related apps include snapchat, photo-editing apps (for special effects and text encryption) and photo-sharing apps. If your phone is filled with these apps that are designed to enhance the look of your selfie or make sharing your photos easier, then your name is certainly due for the selfititis list.
Image Credits:Huffington Post 


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