4 Reasons Why We’d Love To See Flavour and Chidinma Actually Date


Now that Chidinma has confirmed that there is in fact nothing going on between her and Flavour, we’re kind of bummed. Looks like what seemed like a passionate kiss, and undeniable chemistry, was actually all an act. Bummer!

But what we’ve decided to do is come up with 4 reasons why we think Chidinma and Flavour should actually date. Of course with no offense to anyone they are currently dating.

1. Chemistry


We don’t want to seem like experts but there seems to be a great deal of chemistry between these two. Not just from this video but from other observations as well. Unless we’re just looking for the chemistry there.

2. They’d Make a Good Music Power Couple


I can’t think of a single music power couple in Nigeria right now. Yes there are entertainers who date themselves here and there but a true power couple in missing in Nigeria. These two with their high profiles will make for some Jay and Bey (Tim Mcgraw and Faith Hill) type deal in Naija.

3 They’ll Have Beautiful Kids Together


I mean look at the both of them. 2 of the finest and most desirable artists in Nigeria. There is no way a kid coming out of this union will be anything but an angel.

4. More Songs Together


Is this a legit reason? Yes. Flavour and Chidinma being together can only be good for music fans. Nothing like making a love song with someone you actually love. It’s no longer acting at that point… It’s actually real. Think “Drunk In Love”, “Nobody’s Business”, “Something In Common” etc.

Well that’s it. One can dream right?



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