3 Things We’d Like To See From Simi and Falz’s Joint EP

simi and falz album

If you’re a fan of this new wave of well put together music coming out of Nigeria recently, then you’ll definitely be feeling Falz and Simi. Now they just announced that they’ll be putting out a joint EP together titled Chemistry, and that has got us all excited over here.

However, we know how these things happen. There’s the expectations, and then the reality so we’re definitely tempering down our excitement. But we still decided on putting out these 3 things that we’d like to see in the new EP from Simi and Falz.

Even More Chemistry


Sounds redundant right? Well we know they have chemistry together but it’s a thin line between having great chemistry and overdoing it. What we’d really like to see is what comes natural, and not necessarily what is forced. Afterall that’s what Chemistry really is right?

Role Reversal



Hey! Why not right? Simi can spit a few bars (maybe 16), and Falz can exercise his lungs vert well by hitting a note or two. It’ll make for an interesting listen though, and if done well could end up being a very good song.

More Stories That Touch, But Outside Love


The songs these two have done together so far have been predominantly about love. Different stories surrounding love, but love nonetheless. We’d definitely like to hear a different story that maybe doesn’t involve love or man-woman relationships. From their individual projects we know they can do it, so now let’s put it together.

That’s it! I know we’re just here wishing and hoping, but that’s allowed abi. What’s life without wishes? Whatever they end up serving us, we’ll take anyways. No be say we get choice.

But yea guys, let us know what you think you’d like to see from this joint EP from Falz and Simi.


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