Tatted Up! 17 Celebrities With The Best Tattoos

nigerian celebrities with tattoos

Tattoos and celebrities go together like rice and stew, more especially in the west. Now in following up with the trend a lot of Nigerian and Ghanaian celebrities have joined the tatted up team.

Here we look at the some of the best celebrity tattoos in Nigeria… and some in Ghana. No tacky tats tho.

Tonto Dike

tonto dike back tattoo

Tonto already had the little stars lining up her neck, but it was her huge back tattoo that got a lot of people paying attention. It’s a nice piece of art on her back, and the good thing is, she can cover it when she wants.


Rukky Sanda

rukky sanda tattoo

Just like Tonto, Rukky Sanda’s back tattoo is a work of art. But rather than have her face on it, the nollywood actress has a nice design of roses and greenery stamped on there.


Peter Okoye


Girls absolutely love Peter Okoye’s arm and chest tattoo. It’s an abstract design but a pretty popular one. One that goes from his shoulder and extends to his fore arm.


Sean Tizzle


The pop singer recently just completed his nice chest tattoo of wings around the inscription Live What You Love. It’s also sprinkled with musical notes around it. Looks like it’s music for like for Sean Tizzle.




The broad chest tattoo is popular with the guys, and Phyno is no exception. All his tattoos (both arms, and his chest), the chest one is dopest. With the bricked fence design across his chest. I wonder what it means.


IK Ogbonna


IK’s tattoos are not exactly unique but with his skin tone it works very well. The chest and arm tattoo looks like inscriptions from a bible verse, and an abstract design that stretches down to his fore arm. Together the whole thing is dope.


Seyi Shay


This RnB-Pop diva also boasts of a nice back tattoo albeit not as large. It’s a nice design and we wonder why we don’t see it a lot. Sometime I forget she has such a nice tat on her back. Word is she regrets doing them… Might explain why we don’t see them much.




The Star Boy is inked up almost all over both of his arms. However it’s the tat on his right arm that takes the cake of his best tattoo. An nice art design with the words “Living and Learning” below it, and someone’s named right under.


Ice Prince


The one Ice Prince tat we see all the time is the one of his right fore arm. It reads Bless, and even though there’s nothing special about the wording, the design and font of it is pretty nice.


Annie Idibia


Sometimes less is more. That’s what Annie Idibia tattoo on her clavicle says to me and many others. It’s a nice subtle tattoo that’s easy to miss, but it provides some kind of subtle touch to her skin. Almost like a mole. What makes it better is that it’s one of her husband’s name. Cute!




Iyanya’s shoulder tattoo is what he’s most famous for. But his recently finished, chest tattoo is what makes his whole tattoo ensemble complete. Dope piece of art.


Burna Boy


Burna is another artist that’s inked up all over. Pretty much his whole upper body is inked up. His neck tattoo though is the dopest of the bunch. A dove in the sky breaking out of the clouds. Nice.




Ghanaian singer and songwriter, Eazzy, has one of the sexiest tattoos from any celebrity in Nigeria or Ghana. A slim tat that runs down the side of her body to her upper thigh. Sweet.


Kevin Prince Boateng


Staying in Ghana we look at football player, Kevin Prince Boateng’s inks. There’s everything in there from dice to the map of Africa, asian inscriptions and more. The map of Africa with words written in it is the best though.




OritseFemi famous for his huge tune, Double Wahala got a nicely done tattoo down both of his arms. It’s a generic design really but it’s very well executed. Looking at the one of his right arm especially it’s hard to tell what exactly it is.


Halima Abubakar


Typically, tattoos on your breast are tacky… especially when it’s a rose. It’s rare to see it done well but in this occasion it works well for the nollywood actress. Maybe it’s the fact that’s pretty small and doesn’t distract from the cleavage. Whatever the case is, it works for her.




To be honest most of Davido’s tats are not anything special. However the tattoo of the star on his neck with the word “Believe” right under is pretty dope. It’s usually seen more on girls but this one works well for the Aye crooner. Plus it’s not crowded by anything so it sticks out.


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