15 Hottest Men In Nigerian Entertainment [2013 Edition]


Some few weeks back, Jaguda.com released its hottest women in the entertainment 2013, and it featured some of the beautiful women dominating the industry and leaving their various impacts on the scene. Now it is time for the men. Yes the men! This is Jaguda.com’s hottest men in the entertainment industry.

This list has been put together and reviewed by Jaguda team and is certified approved, but bear in mind that tastes defer so if your choice isn’t here, please do not hesitate to drop a comment.

Oh and just like we did for the women, we’re definitely setting up a poll for you guys to vote on who the hottest is, and we’ll publish the top 10 according to votes in a few weeks.


Born Chukie Edozie, this Syndik8 records CEO broke into the scene in 2009 with his first single “Change Your Parade” and stole our hearts for more than just his tunes. Popularly known as ‘Lynxxx Utunu”, this 6ft man has the body that will make any lady go gaga. Always sporting shades, we wonder what this hunk tries to hide from us, and from what we’ve seen his eyes are to die for.



Banky W
Olubankole Wellington! The name alone sounds appealing. Along with the name, we also like the man the bears it. BankyW. He acts like the perfect gentleman, sings like the perfect gentleman, it is safe to say that the silky smooth voice that comes with the man is just an icing on the cake. As head of EME Records with stars like Wizkid, Skales, Niyola and more under the label he’s not only a fine boy, but a Boss man too. The complete package is too fresh!



Ebuka Obi Uchendu
Oh Ebuka Ebuka Ebuka.! This dude has haunted my dreams for a very long time and quite honestly he still does (in a good way though). TV personality and lawyer, probably the most attractive thing about Ebuka, the combination of an intelligent brain and hot looks. He has definitely carved out a brand for himself since his Big Brother days, hosting Channels’s Rubbin Minds and co hosting on Ebonylife’s The Spot. Whether dressed in suit or causals, he can definitely make you forget you woke up with a hangover.



Alexx Ekubo
Alexx (with a double xx in case you forget) as he likes it is without doubt is one of the hottest males in the entertainment industry. There’s really nothing to argue about! The model/actor came into spotlight in 2010 after emerging as runner up in Mr Nigeria 2010 and ever since has graced runway fashion shows, events and is increasingly climbing into the higher league of Nollywood actors. His looks alone can sizzle up any girl’s bad day. Let’s not get into his smile and voice…. Ladies you are gone!!



Peter Okoye
Peter of Psquare defines sexy so much on the physical level that sometimes you wonder if  he was made in a lab. His daily pictures showing off his abs has turned into a ‘hello good morning’ for a lot of ladies. He showed his entrepreneurial side recently in Calabar, speaking to CBN Staff, showing that the brains in that body functions well. A doting father of two, husband to be, what’s not to love about this cat.



DJ Xclusive
There is something about this man and it’s just cos his job is to make you dance. It’s just not when he is in a tux or in jeans, that the ladies swoon, but also when he controls the music. There is something sexy about a man that knows his peanuts, and those his eyes are something to die for.


Uti Nwachukwu
Uti has definitely curved a big niche for himself, as an actor, model and brand ambassador. Outspoken and funny, this former BBA winner wont be stopped in anything he put his mind to. From his hot pictures on the red carpet to his acting skills, Mr Nwachukwu will still grace this category more years to come.



There is always something sexy about a funny man and basketmouth has grown into that category. He might not have the cute face but his height, style and humor more than make up for all that. Plus he cleans up well. I doubt one will ever have a dull day with this man. He can crack jokes on my bed all day long.



Melvin Oduah
Melvin stole our hearts during the 90days he spent as a big brother Africa contestant. Though he did not win, lots of ladies fell in love with the ever gentleman. With his stint in Gulder Ultimate Search and Mr Nigeria, I dare say we will see more of this hottie gracing our screams. His calm demeanor is what will get me if I ever set eyes on him.



We don’t only identify sexy with being on screen, but also behind the scenes. Sesan Ogunro cant be hidden behind the scenes anymore, this extra hot video director became very popular for his artistic way of directing Dbanj’s Oliver Twist. Not much is known personally about this light skinned dude but with those sexy looks, we’ll be satisfied with knowing nothing else.



Lets start with his lips because honestly he just needs no introduction. Dbanj has been consistent through all the years, good or bad, and he has maintained that certain sex appeal that we cant just place. From his charisma, to his dress sense, to charming ways with the ladies, Dapo is certainly a force to reckon with… in many ways.



The voice!!!! The thing about Mr Adejo and his music is the total package they add up to. With a voice that can definitely make you cry, laugh, imagine, celebrate and feel all kinds of emotion it’s not surprising that the ladies swoon over him!! The man with the voice is good to go when you are looking for a man to take home to mama, put him in a suit or just a dress down shirt, Praiz is just your man.



He likes his shirt off to show off his buff body and we the ladies love it. If you had a body like iyanya, I’m sure you would too. The Kukere crooner just keeps claiming his way into alot of hearts, with that body, ohh the waist too and yes the voice is a bonus 🙂



IK Ogbonna
The first time I saw IK Ogbonna, I stepped closer to take another glimpse at this beautiful man. Boy oh Boy, this is a specimen of a man. This Nollywood actor and model might not be known to all but soon, everyone will definitely get to know the goodness of thsi guy. He is hot! Simple and short!



He is just simply ageless…even growing in the eyes of the public has not in any way dented 2face Idibia’s appeal. He got the whole package and he doesn’t need to take his clothes off to prove that. And the voice is simply legendary.


Notable mentions – Flavour, OC Ukeje, Naeto C

That’s all folks. Let us know what you think, and who you think should’ve or shouldn’t have made the list, and however you feel about, don’t forget to hit the vote button to who you think is the hottest man in Nigerian entertainment.


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  1. Una don come with list again. sigh… But Lynxxx and DJ Xclusive can get it tho. and please what is Basket Mouth doing there? With his jagged teeth. ewww

  2. You can`t take it away from 2face is a legendary, very simple, no tattoo, he is a role model. i love 2 baba. the best artist in niaja

  3. Where are Bryan Opara and Enyinna Nwigwe and Flavour? If Basket mouth is there, then I GO DIE and Mr Ibu should have been there too. #Selah

  4. Yummy! Love almost all of them but my favs are Ebuka,Lynxx,Dj xclusive,Sesan,Melvin and Tu face. Give me any of these men and I will be enternally grateful. Lol

  5. So the hottest guys are those in entertainment industry alone? Una don miss am. I fine pass all these people u mentioned.I no dey show mysef. Tag ur caption ” the hottest men in entertainment ” not Nigeria.

  6. Ik Ogbonna!!! There’s something sexy about him beyond what meets the eyes. His style, and the way he interprets his parts both on screen and on print, is just the icing to his already hotter than hot self! He’s redefining SEXY!

  7. 2baba ∂ greatest legend ever,he is an example of simplicity,yet stylish n very handsome….tu ale 4u baba, Ʊ rock ma wrld.

  8. eishhhhh ma favorites r here.i won go 4 ma DJ exclusive sha ooo…but make i go 4 ma boy Melvin Oduah bcos of one thing

  9. S/O to ma peepssssss!!Dj Exclusive,isiebuka lol,PSquare ma ifunanya,Alexxxxx and ma BBA crush melvin Oduah abeg take another vote joor.lol

  10. King melvin oduah is the hottest guy in the whole world…all my votes n my descendants votes is all for melvin

  11. IK Ogbonna IK Ogbonna IK Ogbonna IK Ogbonna IK Ogbonna IK Ogbonna IK Ogbonna IK Ogbonna IK Ogbonna that’s all!

  12. Iyanya joor, but sessan too tyt oo wait first did I c basket maut or d list na joke? Mayb its a joke, wer flavour n burna boy? Jaguda abeg park well this list na shit go ask FORBES how to compile such list, una stl dey learn.

  13. It has to be Melvin for me,tho Dj exclusive is blazing hot too,and I wonder why flavor isn’t on this list and basket mouth is…


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