11 Highlights We Wont Forget About From 2011


It is officially 11 days to the end of the year and it’s safe to say this year has been one heck of a spectacular year. It had its high moments and its low moments also. From elections to terrorism to international recognition among our peers, this year had some of everything that can make a year extremely memorable.

So the good folks at Jaguda.com decided to bring you 11 highlights we wont forget about from 2011 compiled by Aribaba & Neefemi.

So without too much long story let’s get right into it.

11. Mercy Johnson Wedding Fiasco

Aribaba: Weddings are always fun and celebrity wedding will always make the news, but I don’t think any wedding gist will top the one that nollywood actress Mercy Johnson gave us for close to a month straight.

It started like a joke; Mercy Johnson’s husband to be was already married but not legally divorced, and his current wife was not willing to let go easily. What could’ve ended pretty peacefully with all parties working it out behind closed doors, became a media circus and we ate it all up.

Back and forth press statements from claiming the husband was happily married a few months ago before Mercy johnson showed up to calling of names back and forth. It was just plain ridiculous. As for MJ? She was going to get married on the set date whether anyone liked it or not and nothing was going to stop her. Not even a threat from the Christian Women association in Lagos to disrupt the ceremony if it held.

Amidst all the gist, rumors, and ex-wife threaths, Mercy Johnson still got married and since that day all has been calm. We think.


10. Chi-Gurl Not Being A Weist

Aribaba: Don’t let your life be a weist, do something.

It started like a silly voice note that I personally thought would just fade away, but then the voicenote went viral (or virus as chi-gurl said) and before you knew what was happening everyone was talking about who is a weist and who is not a weist.

You can say that the word “weist” became part of our vocab in 2011, and Chi-Gurl became a BB sensation, and eventually an internet sensation. She went on to record a few more voice notes “teist a peist” “kilodem” and a bunch of of others and proved to us that anything that can provide entertainment for the masses is worth a lot in this day and age.

So please going into 2012 don’t let your life be a weist. Do sometin


9. Baba Suwe’s Expensive Shit

Neefemi: This story still confuses me. Did he or did he not have drugs in his system? After 24 days of detaining the comic, waiting for him to poop, he was freed on bail after which the Court awarded him N25million compensation for the arrest.

Doesn’t seem like a bad way to earn a whooping $155, 000 or 100,000 pounds other than the obvious humiliation. I did not even realize that we had a functioning drug law enforcement and they had materials to detect drugs, so on that note alone Kudos to them, but maybe they need better resources, so they can tell the difference between drugs and whatever was in the comics stomach. What was in his stomach anyways? Who knows?

This was just a major circus but we can all agree that Baba Suwe’s shit became literally “an expensive shit.”

This story definitely made for interesting tweets, facebook statuses and conversations this year.


8. Vic O Hafter Parry

Neefemi: I am probably the only person who has not seen a single video about the phenomena that is Vic O. It all started with a tweet by producer Kidkonnect, for folks to watch it and laugh and it just took on a life of its own the way only Nigerians do.

The thing then with we Nigerians, is we do not know when to quit, and we should have quit a long time ago because now we are literally watching this man become a success story right in front of us. I do not believe he demanded for N2million naira for a concert, but I do believe he asked for something after all, why wouldn’t he? Those videos are not being made for free.

You probably do not realize that this is a business man who has taken advantage of unique opportunity that landed at his feet, Literally and he’s getting the attention a good number of artists will love to have. Hey why not? He just did his thing and the fame came along.

Youp Youp Youp Youp Youp… Everybody Hafter Parry


7. Lost Ones

Neefemi: Nigerian roads took enough lives again this year. Some were more notable like Mc Loph, Chidinma from Koko Mansion, Comedian CD John, and some others not as much. Losing so many young people this year, not only made us realize our own vulnerability but also how lucky we are to be alive. The truth remains that we need to fight for our roads in Nigeria to be fixed, to reduce the accident rates. Nigerians need to be encouraged to not drink and drive and or drive when one is tired, as you are not very alert when you are tired and therefore quick to respond to avoid accidents.

God has a plan for everything and it was obviously their time to go and we cannot question God, but knowing that travelling by car is still the biggest mode of transportation in Nigeria, means that we need to fight for the reform of our environment so we can hopefully not cry next year from losing anyone.

On the other side we also lost some of our veterans in the entertainment industry as Christy Essien Igbokwe passed, as well as Nollywood actor Sam Loco. They left gaping holes in the industry but will always be remembered for their lifetime of achievement as opposed to their unexpected death.


6. Nollywood Movie Names

Neefemi: The churning out of movies en mass continued again in the industry, some more horrible than others. “Blackberry Babes” comes instantly to mind when you think of ridiculous movies and I never watched it. So how then can I say, “it was ridiculous”? Because everyone else that watched it said so. Don’t get me wrong I’m sure it was hilarious, since everyone who watched it seemed to laugh till they hurt, but I think it’s safe to say everyone was laughing because of how stupid it was and not because they taught the acting was superb.

More importantly I was not sure what the message was about in a movie such as this. Which brings me to why this is even a category. Something has to be done, to revamp the Nollywood industry, a lot of movies that tell no story, with ridiculous names like “Lady Gaga” and “Obama Babes“ are sure to not make us worthy to be nominated for international awards, considering that we are the third largest film industry in the world and Africa’s largest film industry, its really just a big shame. However it was definitely one of the things that we will remember about 2011.


5. Oliver Twist Craze

Aribaba: What can one say about arguably the biggest phenomenon to capture entertainment this year. Don Jazzy fresh off his Enigma beat competition took it a step further by running the Oliver Twist Dance competition win prices of $2500, $2000, $1500, $1000, and $500.

The whole world went nuts with this. From the backyard crew doing their thing all over lagos, to the girl with one leg, to the alhajis, the girls shaking their nyash on screen, to folks just being straight up goofy with. We all went nuts with Oliver Twist and in many ways I’m mad I never made a video… I should’ve. I spent hours watching different videos, I’m sure I would’ve gotten a few ideas.

When I think 2011, I’ll definitely remember Oliver Twist, and remind myself that Nadia Buari doesn’t drink garri


5. Patience Jonathan’s Top Notch English

Aribaba: This was the year of Nigeria’s highly anticipated presidential elections, and  with all the craziness that comes with presidential elections in Nigeria, probably the one thing that captured the whole nation (both those interested in politics and those who aren’t) was the wonderful speeches from Patience Jonathan and her great command of the English language. I’m sure you already caught on to the sarcasm.

Her most famous being the Umbrella or should I say “Umblerra” speech that urged us to vote Umblerra from the top to the bottom. “President Umblerra, Governor Umblerra, …etc” Umblerra thoughout.

Let’s not forget about the “The President was once a Child and the Senators were once a Children” and the good ole “My fellow Widows.” Oh and the latest one “We all have HIV. It’s just that some are positive and some are negative”

LOL. I can go on and on, but I’ll just stop here and please as Nigerians we should always remember to “have love for our fellow Nigerians irrespective of their NATIONALITY.” Thank You 🙂


3. ABSU Gang Rape Case

Aribaba: It was probably one of the most embarrassing videos I’ve seen in my life. A woman at Abia State University getting raped repeatedly by different men while it was taped. The tape was circulated and eventually made its way to the internet.

Thanks to Linda Ikeji and her blogpost the issue went viral and eventually prompted to government to act (even though the state governor said it was a fake initially).

One of the best things that came from this case was the awareness it raised within the Nigerian community. Rape walks were organized and eventually the first national rape hotline has come about from this incident. It’s not really a good thing for this to happen before we all realize what happens around the country, but given the circumstances it’s good the video went viral. This might have continued without people speaking up.

This is definitely a scar from 2011 that will be with us for a very long time.


2. Nigerian Entertainers Going International

Aribaba: This was certainly a year where a lot of Nigerian Artists took their talents to the mainstream international audience. It’s always a great feeling when your work is appreciated by an audience that are not familiar with your background and culture and they can relate to it.

2011 saw artists Dbanj & Don Jazzy sign on to Kanye West’s GOOD Music label, along with an Endowed Remix track that featured Snoop Dogg. It didn’t stop there as both 2face & Dbanj were nominated for BET Awards and were also both featured on BET’s Welcome To America specials. Still on BET, Nigerian MCs were featured in this edition of BET Cypher (a rap session that airs during the BET Awards)

Nneka & Asa got their fare share of international recognition as they headlined shows all over the US & Europe. Wizkid won the MOBO award this year and was also nominated in the MTV Europe awards. Wizkid was definitely on his A-game as he also recorded a yet to be released Dont Dull remix with Akon.

Speaking of Akon, he just recently announced that 2face, WizKid & p-Square will be official Konvict Music representatives in Nigeria and Oh and let’s not forget Femi Kuti being nominated for a grammy for 3rd time.

2011 in a nutshell for Nigerian Artists? Great.


1. Boko Haram

Aribaba: You can’t talk about 2011 without talking about probably the most significant group when it comes to the security of the federal republic of Nigeria.

Boko Haram made living in Northern Nigeria in 2011 an experience very close to living in Iraq or one of the suicide bombing heavy countries in the middle east.

From the Police Headquaters bombings, to UN Building bombing in abuja and multiple bombings in Maiduguri, Kano, Kaduna, Damaturu, Bauchi and many other places, Boko Harma literally has the whole country on their toes and has given the government a serious task of finding a solution to them.

At some point in the year, Boko Haram accounted for over 12 bomb explosions in a one month span, and also claimed irresponsibility for probably the first ever Nigerian suicide bomber. What kind of country has Nigeria become.

Boko Haram did not start off in 2011 but they certainly did their worst damage this year. I sure hope this trend doesn’t go into 2012 even though it doesn’t look like there’s an end in sight. The government is dragging their feet on this, and it’s not looking promising going into the next year.


Well there you have it folks. The 11 highlights we wont forget about 2011. Did we miss some stuff? I’m sure we did and not everything can fit into the list as there were sooo many crazy moments from 2011, but these right here take the cake.

Peace out, and Happy Holidays to all our readers 🙂


  1. Totally rushed and incoherent list. 11 and chi-gurl made it…Jokers…make up a better list. It takes time but please do.

    I’m going to spare you the trouble of calling out more interesting happenings that took place in 2011.

  2. Lmao. This is funny. Boko haram is definitely the highlight of 2011.

    Oh and feebi pls do tell ur list. It’s not to come on here and yarn rubbish and say u’ll spare them the details.


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