10 Nigerian Artists Whose Careers Collapsed After Leaving Their Labels


At every twist and turn in music and entertainment, Nigerian artistes give fans some drama, raise dust of controversies during their altercations with record labels, and eventually end the once blissful marriage.

Chickens come home to roost” aptly means you have to deal with the outcome of your deeds either good or bad! The aftermath, trust me are perhaps irreparable. Karma can be a mean b***h you know.

So sometimes you hear a wild gist about some artists who have  decided to pull the plug on their record labels. Whether it was done in the most courteous or cruel manner, bottom line remains the plug has been pulled. Next thing is like “NEPA don take light, church agbasa”. A keen scrutiny indicates the steep decline in their career could be traced back to one careless decision. Divorcing their erstwhile record labels. I must say “no be everybody suppose own record label”, it requires very astute managerial might, “no be child’s play”.

Enough of the tori, here are some Nigerian artistes who are desperately groping for the spotlight after sacking their ex.

1Wande Coal

Who misses Wande Coal? Not the guy who is now declared “Wanted”, but the bad guy from Mushin 2 Mo’Hits. After the fold up of Mo’Hits Records and final departure from Mavin records, nothing was the same. He lost it, the black diamond lost value like the Nigeria’s crude oil. WC – not the one in your closet – has been switching managers spasmodically. Again nothing was the same; his music took the direction of gravity.

2Chuddy K

Bro, where are you now? Ladies adorned in their “Brazilian Hair” extension are waiting for you to make them go “Gaga Crazy”. In your absence, Lil Kesh taught them Shoki, them pretty ladies have forgotten you dancing wildly to Tekno’s Duro. That’s how the cookie crumbled when Chuddy K walked away from SQN Records. If found kindly return to handlers.




It is not nice that a man with so much street credibility has joined our ancestors while he is yet alive. 9ice lost his music finesse shortly after turning his back on ID Cabasa’s Coded Tunez – a record label he was affiliated with – to start his Alapomeji Records. Adigun has subsequently been unable to repeat past success from his Gongo Aso album. Word is that he is now trying to appease the gods.




How can an Igwe be made a Scapegoat just because he is an Oliver Twist. Eja Nla joined bad gang with Kanye West & Good Music, and that ultimately fell apart; “He miss road.” Everyone now knows the story. The collapse of Mo’Hits intermittently caused an andropause in D’Banj’s music virility. Dbanj is a legend, but it’s been hit n miss since he left Don Jazzy.




Let’s be honest with ourselves. It’s been almost a freefall for Mo’Cheddah’s music career since she parted ways with Knighthouse in 2012. It’s a string of failed singles one after another. With the exception of Destinambari, you’d be hard pressed to find anything worth listening to from Mo’Cheddah in the past four years.




Everyone wants to float their own label, and that’s always a good ambition. However sometimes it’s not always the best decision at a moment, and Jaywon has probably realized that ever since leaving Kennis Music. The messy divorce has not been kind to either party as Jaywon’s career has taken a hit, and Kennis Music seems to be all but done.


7Jesse Jagz

Nobody test Nigeria’s god on the mic till thy nation come – even if you be litmus. Jago parted ways with Chocolate City to become the emperor of Jagz Nation. His albums outside chocolate city were considered too lugubrious for commercial consumption. His influence waned substantially even if he still has cult following.


8Sean Tizzle

sean tizzle

What happened to controversial skin tone Sean Tizzle? The perfect Gentleman went AWOL. Kilogbe, he never dropped a letter for mama, eh, SMH. Sean Tizzle dropped out of D’Tunes Difference Entertainment and survived by skin tone controversy, recording and judging cover versions of people’s hit songs. Hello don’t be a hit and run.


9Sauce Kid/Sinzu


Once upon a time he was the hottest thing in Naija hip-hop. Now it’s hard to even tell with definite authority if he’s still in the game or not. The talent is unquestionably there, and anytime he’s tested he reminds us of that (Just ask Godwin). However, it’s no secret that ever since he left Storm Records, it’s not been the same.




Can you name the last hit record Ikechukwu had? Yes it’s been a very long time since we got something of note from Ikechukwu. Years if you will; And you can trace it back to when he parted ways with Storm 360 and/or Mo-Hits. He denies ever being signed with Storm360, but we do know he worked closely with them. Either way, shit aint been the same since that relationship ended.


  1. I think the worse “grace to grass” among them all is D’banj.

    He was so up there and now he seems almost in the same class with newer artists.

    He shouldn’t have left!

  2. Jesse Jagz, with his cult followers, who can’t get through his ganja-soaked brain, eh?

    Otherwise, he would have realized the cookie started crumbling the moment he walked away from Choc City!

    One Hit Wonder, what a waste!


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