8 Nigerian Artists Who Need To Release An Album In 2016


We the music fans of Nigeria have decided that we’ll started begging, asking or demanding albums from our favorite artists. Okay maybe not demanding, but for some of the best artists in Nigeria, random singles here and there, no projects, and ever shifting release dates disappoint many fans. Many fans probably know that it’s not magic to release an album, but we’d still like a collection of new music, and not singles that drop every four months with no major purpose. We’re not complaining about the singles o, but we for like albums too.

So let’s go with the 10 Nigerian artists who need to drop an album this year.

1Eva Alordiah


Eva Alordiah is probably the first name on many people’s lips when you talk about the best female rapper in Nigeria, but till date she’s yet to release an official album. That makes that best female rapper tag hard to validate. However we do know that there’s a project in the making, The 1960 album. The problem is, the release date has been moved multiple times now. From Jan 1st, 2015, to later in the year, to Oct 1st 2015, and now we just don’t even know when it’ll be release. Sigh… Yea… Eva please stop starving us. Release it, we’ll buy 🙂

To be fair she has released two mixtapes, but mixtapes and album no be the same.




Chidinma has released one and only album, and that was back in 2012 shortly after she was announced as the Project Fame West Africa. Seeing as she won that prestigious talent contest, we’ve had very high hopes for her, especially because we know the talent is clearly there. However with the likes of Yemi Alade, Tiwa Savage and co constantly putting out projects, Chidinma is at risk of being left all the way behind. That’s unless of course she drops a solid album this year, then she’ll back in the big leagues.



Whayasay!! Patoranking has been one of the top acts in Nigerian music over the past couple of years with dope singles, Girlie O, Alubarika, and My Woman My Everything. However this is the year he needs to put all that work to good, and release an album. The fans are ready now, and we think Patoranking has created a big enough brand that the album will definitely sell. Word is there’s an album in the works, so we just might see it sooner rather than later.



To be fair to Davido, he was supposed to release his sophomore album last year, but then, the Sony BMG deal happened. Now there should be no excuse as to why that album can’t be released this year. 2016 will make it four years since his debut album, OBO. Yes, four years, and for one of the biggest artists in Africa that’s getting to be a very long time. The lead singles are already out, and buzzing, this has to be the year. This is the year Davido has to stake him claim as Naija’s hottest artist without question.


5Lil Kesh

Lil Kesh

When your boss goes out of his way to call out Don Jazzy, and start one of the biggest beefs in Nigerian music history, then he sees something big in you. With Olamide pulling that move, the expectations for for Lil Kesh has been raised through the roof. Every single he puts out will be judged on that basis, and seeing that Olamide is one of the hardest working artists in the industry, we’ll use that as a baseline for Lil Kesh also. That means, he has to release an album this year. Not long story.



It’s been four years since Vector’s last album, 2nd Coming, was released, and fans might be beginning to get impatient. We understand that Vector had some label issues to sort out, but now that it’s all done, we expect the album to drop soon. With his AK47 mixtape released in 2014, and the huge hit King Kong released in 2015, the only next level up is an album this year.


7Reekado Banks

On the flip side of the Lil Kesh Next Rated argument is the person who actually won the Next Rated award, and that is Reekado Banks. Winning that award already comes with its own pressure, but this year with all the controversy surrounding it, the pressure is on world cup final levels. Even though, Banks, signed to Mavin Records dropped a song shortly after winning the award, the real thing fans will be waiting for is a solo album. A Mavin Records collective album might not be enough.



All hail the queen! There’s no doubt in many people’s minds that when you talk of the best female artist, and performer in Nigeria, Omawumi is at the top of the list. However 2016 will make it 3 years since she released an album, and up until a couple of months ago, hadn’t released much material (we understand cos she just had a baby), but in 2016, we need Omawumi to drop an album, and remind everyone that she’s the real madam at the top. No time!


  1. You did not mention Jesse jagz which was supposed to realease odysseus and gunspiracy theory last year but couldn’t because of time to get settled with going back to choc city.. Don’t forget Thy nation come(desire/burning Bush/bad girl/redemption/sativa /pedal to the floor/bed of roses) and Royal Niger company(Louis/the case/how we do e.t.c) check out the dope tracks in the album. Best rapper in Nigeria if not among top 5. Go listen to TNC $ RNC albums if u don’t agree.PUT JARGO ON THAT LIST. ODYSSEUS IS COMIN APRIL. ITS THE MOST ANTICIPATED. Check his Twitter, see the hott features.

  2. And have u forgotten the 1 U supposed to put first that has been realesing hot raggea dance hall HITs/singles ranging from lead me on/ I’m taken/ German Juice/ simati niya/ and finally babby mama. Gangster property CYNTHIA MORGAN


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