10 Most Hospitable African Cities


It’s no secret that Africans, by nature, are friendly people; the majority, anyway. When you visit an African country, the locals tend to go out of their way to make you feel more than welcome. During your stay, you’re likely to get pulled into participating in several activities that will leave you feeling like one of the natives. This is just one of the things that make a city hospitable. Africa’s Number 1 Hotel Booking Portal, Jovago.com has recommended 10 cities which have proved to be the most hospitable on Africa.

  1. Cape Town, South Africa


Cape Town is a beautiful city which gives a picturesque definition to the phrase “best of both worlds”. There’s so much history here, and people love to visit to find out all about the country’s rich background as well as the bustling waterfront. Whatever your tourism delight, Cape Town has it – culture, food, daring activities, shopping, wine, and the beach. What gives the city its added kick is how fascinating the mix of cultures is – the way it influences the city’s music and architecture – and the wonderful nature of the people. Let’s not forget the luxurious hotels.

  1. Mombasa, Kenya


Sometimes described as “the cradle of humanity”, Mombasa has a rich and diverse history which it has managed to hold on to, even as it has continued to evolve. The city definitely has a quiet charm, with locals in traditional Islamic attire and Swahili women in Kanga wraps moving around town. You can’t miss the smell of spice in the air as you stroll past buildings that reflect several cultures, tasting all the wonderful street delicacies, with music playing all around you. If you really want to get into Africa’s heritage, then stop by Mombasa’s Old Town.


  1. Zanzibar, Tanzania


Zanzibar is an archipelago 20 minutes away from Tanzania, by air, that is as rich in culture as it is beautiful. On the islands, you’ll fall in love with the amazing views, the wide variety of wildlife, and the scent of spices subtly mixed with the fresh ocean air. What’s even more remarkable is how all the different ethnicities that inhabit the city are able to coexist peacefully and together ensure visitors have a memorable time.


  1. Calabar, Nigeria


Everyone love to be at the Calabar Carnival, but the people aren’t just incredibly receptive at Christmas; all year round, Calabar natives are more than anxious to welcome people into their beloved city and give them an experience worth remembering. You can always find something to do in this fun filled city, and the food is ah-mazing!

  1. Victoria, Seychelles


Have you been to Seychelles? Or had the pleasure of exploring its capital city, Victoria? Victoria is a small city that packs quite a punch. With one-third of the population of Seychelles based here, the city boasts several activities that could keep even the most wanderlust tourists busy. There are several hotels and resorts that one could feel at home in, and lots of agencies around town that offer snorkeling and diving expeditions, boat rides around the island, and rentals. The atmosphere is so warm and relaxed, and the locals are amazingly friendly. You’ll definitely be tempted to extend your stay.



  1. Kololi, The Gambia


Kololi is a resort town on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in Gambia, surrounded by the Bijilo Forest. What initially began as a coastal fishing village has radically transformed into a popular tourist hub. Kololi natives are incredibly laidback and love to live. While there may not be a lot of “touristy” attractions, you can still have loads of fun visiting the crafts market, quad biking, exploring Kololi Village, and chilling on the beach.


  1. Cairo, Egypt


Cairo is a lively, thrilling, exotic, fascinating and welcoming city for everyone. Whatever your taste, you’ll find accommodation that suits your desires, most often with an incredible view. Exploring the city, you’ll stumble upon so many Pharoic, Coptic and Islamic sights that seem long forgotten, and get the opportunity to mingle with the locals at the medieval markets. The city does not fall short on entertainment – cinemas, theatres, malls, and numerous tourist attractions – and the people are really warm. It’s almost too easy to fit right in here.


  1. Gaborone, Botswana


Botswana’s fast-growing capital city has come a long way from its inception. Today, what was once a small village is thriving and buzzing with cosmopolitan life. Everyone can feel welcome here, thanks to the friendly nature of the locals, even though there really isn’t that much to do. Entertainment consists mostly of malls and restaurants, but the city is really very rich in history that you will enjoy learning all about from a local. The growing metropolis also boasts some pretty luxurious hotels, perfect for a relaxing trip.


  1. Tunis, Tunisia


Tunis may not be much for package tourism, but it’s still a pretty intriguing place to visit. The people are very accepting of foreigners, and you’ll observe a couple of unique cultural practices. When you visit, you should explore as much as you can to really appreciate the eccentric feel of the city, as well as soak in its history. Tunis is actually also a pretty affordable place to visit.



  1. Casablanca, Morocco


The people in this city are known to be quite liberal and open to locals and foreigners alike. Casablanca, Morocco’s largest, city may seem less endearing than nearby cities, but it does have a lot of potential. You’ll be left amazed by the brilliant architecture, diverse culture, magnificent hotels, and great food. Also, there’s so much to explore, and you’ll have local guides who would be more than thrilled to show you around and tell you all about the city.


You haven’t experienced a city until you’ve mingled with a few of the locals and really gotten to experience their culture first-hand. These African cities are the best places to get started.

By Jovago.com



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