10 Celebrities Who Are Not Afraid To Show Off Their Bodies


Great bodies! If you got it, you can flaunt it, and a lot of fans don’t mind seeing and admiring it.

In the wake of all the hoopla that was caused by Tiwa Savage’s video last week, Rihinna’s risque dress and Nicki Minaj’s boob showing top, we’ve decided to do some small research and bring to you these 10 Nigerian (and one Ghanaian) celebrities that never shy away from showing a lot of skin. Brace yourselves people!




I mean his body is absolutely defined, and knowing that, any excuse he has to show his abs off he jumps right on it. Promo art, on stage, instagram, pretending to look away, you name it, and Iyanya got an excuse to show off those abs. We aint mad tho.




Unlike his twin brother, Peter Okoye (of P-Square) never shies away from showing off his body. One look at his instagram page and you’ll see a quite a few pics of him in the gym, working out, and showing a lot of it off. If we didn’t see the product one would be tempted to think he did more photo shoots in the gym than working out. But the body is on point so you can’t vex.




Dbanj is not the one to show off his body on social media platforms but once he’s on stage it’s a whole new ball game. I don’t think anyone has seen Dbanj perform fully clothed before (unless he just ate, but you get the point). On stage Dbanj takes his Koko Master sex persona to a whole new level. The body is right so babes no fit shout.




One of the reasons we’re here today! Tiwa Savage doesn’t shy away at all from showing off her body, and a lot of skin. The holier than thou critics wont stop her from doing it. From bathing suit pictures on instagram to performing in skimpy outfits on stage, you name it DoroDiva will do it if she feels like it. Body is right too.




Maheeda showed soooo much skin that instagram pretty much banned her account. Yep she did it before Rihinna did it. Maheeda takes it a bit too far by pretty much going nude most times but we’re not here to discuss class are we? And for what it’s worth, her body is in shape. You can’t be mad at that.




Flavour can pretty much just walk around without his shirt on, and we’d think it’s his normal look. I’m tempted to say that I’ve seen more pictures of a shirtless Flavour than a fully clothed Flavour. Ladies aint complaining though, and that picture of him cooking in his boxers is probably one Nigerian girl’s wall paper. You just never know.




Yea we know she does it for the attention, but this ex-model and current actress got everything you’d want in a body. She’s pretty much the bikini poster child for Ghana, and one look at her instagram page can give you all the ideas you’d need for a bikini that you’d need. The body stays in shape, and she’s letting the world know about it.




Mo Cheddah during her extended hiatus from the music scene went into fitfam mode, and the results were wonderful. It’s not like she was ever overweight but that tone she added to her body definitely took her sexy up a notch. And what do you do when you get a hot body? Hide it under layers of clothes? Of course not. Who does that? Mo’Cheddah certainly doesn’t.




You can question her actual significance in entertainment but that glorious body with just the right amount of thickness can never ever be questioned. She has it, she knows the men love it, and she shows it off. I mean if you had a lambo would you hide it? Just saying.




Emma Nyra might not post a gazillion bikini pictures on social media, but when she does you’d know it’s there. You wont be able to miss it. On stage is where we see a lot of skimpy outfits from her, and she’s always ready to show off those legs. Who can blame her? Those legs are not things that should be hidden. Let it shine boo boo. Let it shine.


So that’s all folks. Threw this together pretty quickly so I might have missed a name or 2. I didn’t forget Afrocandy don’t worry. We just don’t like the body she’s advertising.

Who Do You Think Shows The Most Skin In Entertainment?

Photocredit (Iyanya Pic); That1960chick.com


  1. Please what is Sarah Ofili doing on here? She no be celebrity now. lol. Also I’ll say Ikechukwu and Dipp also like to show off their bodies

  2. Jaguda I’m disappointed in this post. When we’re still trying to talk about Tiwa savage and her immoral video you’re here promoting more immorality. What kind of message are you sending to your audience?

    This is not our culture!!! STOP It!


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