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Nigeria Bans TV at Work

A hilarious Nigerian TV comedy show
A hilarious Nigerian TV comedy show

The head of Nigeria’s civil service, Steve Oronsaye, has banned televisions from public offices from the end of this week as they distract workers.

His spokesman said that Mr Oronsaye had observed that they “contributed to lowering productivity”.

Correspondents say it is not uncommon to see people watching soaps and Nigerian “Nollywood” films at work.
Ministers’ offices and areas that needed televisions for media reports will not be affected by the ban.

According to Nigeria’s Daily Trust newspaper, subscriptions to satellite television stations will also be cut.

“The attendant subscription cost of cable television networks has become a drain on the recurrent expenditure in public offices without commensurate benefit”, the paper quoted the statement as saying.

Jesse Jagz – Pump It Up (Video)


Chocolate City’s hit producer/artist Jesse Jagz had dropped his video for his single “Pump it up.” Hot video! Check it out.

Jesse Jagz
Jesse Jagz

Bolanle Okhiria Wins Koko Mansion… The Ideal Kokolette

Bolanle Okhiria - Winner of Koko Mansion
Bolanle Okhiria - Winner of Koko Mansion

Surprise Surprise!!! Bolanle Okhiria is the Ideal Kokolette. In an unexpected turn of things Bolanle Okhiria, a 21 year old student of Lagos State University, was selected as the Ideal Kokolette in Dbanj’s hit show Koko Mansion. The final 4 contestants, Rita, Shona, Chidinma, and winner Bolanle were voted on in the final show. In Bolanle’s words, “I waited for so long for that call, and when it finally came through I was too excited to believe it was real – I had to tell the producers to prove to me that it wasn’t some kind of a joke.” Bolanle walks away from the show with a brand new car, 5 million Naira, and a Chris Aire diamond ring. I’m guessing the car will finally make her learn how to drive 🙂

Fan favorite Rita Igbinedion Isoken, came in at a close second in the final poll results, losing to the winner by 1460 votes. Here are the final poll results:

# Bolanle wins with 11,933 votes
# Rita – 10,473 votes
# Shona – 2,292 votes
# Chidinma – 918 votes

Congratulations to Bolanle, and kudos to all the contestants that were on the show. Koko Mansion definitely spiced up Naija television. So what do you think of the winner, and the show in general?

Dr. SID Hot Singles – Pop Something & Winchi Winchi


So just when you think we’ve heard enough from the Mo-Hitts crew, they come out and hit us again. Dr SID is the latest from the Mo-Hitts crew to hit the naija music scene hard. “Pop Something” is an automatic club banger… guaranteed to have people popping champagne and “shayoing” all night. Pop Something features Dbanj, while “Winchi Winchi” features the unique vocals of Wande Coal.Don Jazzy is really building an empire with Mo-Hitts. Big Ups!!!

Anyways… enough yarns. Listen to the songs


Pop Something feat. Dbanj:


Winchi Winchi feat. Wande Coal


Darey feat. Pheel – Let You Know (Video)


Check out the hot new from Darey. Darey seems to be on his grind popping out video after video. I respect it. The song is from his album UnDareyted.


Ajah Onu – Chinye

Ajah Onu

Ladies! Have you ever heard vocals so silky-cool and lyrics so passionate and smooth spread on top of irresistable looks that disturb your cool? Well, allow me to introduce you! Ajah Onu is a revolutionary new breed of rare talent. Based in Atlanta, Ga, USA, the crooner’s stellar ability to twist in and out of rhymes, while combining a hot mixture of Nigerian-American pop culture, with a smooth blend of reggae and broken English, creates his unique and spell-binding sound. Born to a Nigerian father and American mother, Onu is able to mezmorize his audiences with sharp dance moves that rip the stage apart from within true beats of soul. In addition, the talented musician often produces the catchy rhythms that groove so freely through the speakers, writes the addictive melodies that soak into your mind, and often choreographing his impressive dance steps, thus certifying Onu as a “Quadriple Threat”!

Ajah began his musical odyssey in 2002, while he was in secondary school, by joining a singing trio which called itself Ax’ent. After three years of dreaming to be successful but aimlessly swinging at the goal, Ax’ent failed. The groups eventual despair in 2005 did not discourage the entertainer from the goal of being a successful musician. It led him into the development of his promising solo career to date.

As a young solo artist, Onu began to search for a new identity despite the heavy pressure of his father (whom he has always looked up to) to “grow up” and forget about this “dream”. This was an enormous blow to the artist. Feeling misunderstood and unsupported, Ajah vigorously studied other successful entertainers such as Tuface, Michael Jackson, Prince, Bobby Brown and Gene Kelly for influence. Onu began to drive his career behind the idea of “proving people wrong”. After almost four years of continuously working at his craft and experiencing minimal “highs” and numerous “lows”, Ajah Onu has now emerged as one of the hottest budding talents in the industry today featuring his undeniable swagger and acute attention to detail.

Ajah Onu is truly from a different cloth. He is as good as it gets. As you find yourself amongst Ajah’s growing amount of dedicated followers, the artist’s musical odysseys guarantee to leave a lasting impression when you board his musical ship!


Banky W – Strong Ting Video (Teaser)


Wow. Banky W is taking video making in Naija to a whole new level. Check out the preview to his Strong Ting video dropping soon.

Banky W
Banky W

Gist Me – Part 1: I Make Three Times What My Potential Spouse Makes

Black Professional Woman

Before I start, let me introduce myself; My name is Mekus and I will be bringing you weekly articles on a variety of issues that are hot in the streets entitled “Gist Me”. I will decide what to write on based on what I hear people talking about. I attended Umu Igbo Unite Convention this past weekend which was such a dynamic event because the caliber of babes that were in the building was outstanding. There were Pharmacists, MBA holders, Doctors, Consultants, Lawyers, Engineers and so on. I got a chance to sit down and “gist” with a couple females who were part of this group of lovely ladies. Different issues came up during our discussions, but the most pressing and passionate was the fear of a woman making significantly more money than the man in a relationship. Why is it such a big deal?

Let’s take the one normal profession that is “guaranteed” bank, Doctors. Now before the rest of you start claiming that your profession is guaranteed bank too; I don’t doubt it, but name a normal profession that 90%of people in the field are making six figures. Anyways, babes that I talked to this weekend are scared that they are chasing their potential husbands away the second they open their mouth and say what they do for a living. Let’s say a 24 year old female who is starting her first year in residence as an ophthalmologist meets a 26 year old business man who has a “good” job by all standards – probably pulling in $60,000. They start talking and vibing,  they figure out mutual friends that know each other and get through all the formalities. After a while, professions come up and the guy says that he is a business man and she says she is an ophthalmologist. The babe’s initial reaction seems cool … but what she is really thinking is ‘as a business man he is making around $50,000’; she knows good and well after residency she will be collecting anywhere from $175,000 to $250,000. She is thinking about how this is going to work if they get serious. Meanwhile in his head he has the same mental calculation going on. He does his quick calculation and finds out what he is up against. When he realizes the deal he wants to start crying inside. Even if he gets a raise 5 times in the next 5 years – assuming a 5% raise each time – He will be making roughing $73,000, while she is making around $200,000. Now what do you think? Should these two people be together?

I don’t think it makes sense because he will want to go to Applebee’s and she wants to go Sundial ($150 a plate) for dinner. He wants to take a vacation to Myrtle Beach and she wants to vacate to Greece and cruise the Mediterranean. In my opinion I think people should date and marry people in the same ball park in all aspects such as culture, background, finances and so on. In the example above if he is pulling in $150,000 or there about, it’s not that different. But at $73,000 my guy is in trouble.

If you flip the scenario and it is the guy who is doctor and wife is in business; most people will claim that it is okay if he is one bringing the money. But is it really? Why would you want a man to feel like since he makes all the money that he is in charge? Marriage is a partnership and I think both parties need to be able to provide and support equally. There are extreme cases such as straight ballers like NBA players or actors or 19 boys (shame on you) and such but for common man lets keep it in same ball park.

Please don’t come at me with pride issues on the male side. If the guy has pride issues he should go sit down somewhere. This article has nothing to do with pride; it has to do with functionality.

What do you think? How important is your spouse’s money? I know people say people money does not lead to happiness but take a look at the number one reason people get divorced and it boils down to Naira… or Dollars…or Euros. 🙂

Sweet Crude of the Niger Delta

ODIOMA, NIGERIA: A villager walks through the ruins of the southern Nigerian community of Odioma, a fishing and trading centre, and a historic centre for the Ijaw people in the oil-rich Niger Delta. It was burned to the ground on 19 February 2005 by government troops hunting a local militia leader accused of ordering the murder of 12 people from a neighbouring village during a dispute over the ownership of the proposed site for a new oil well.
ODIOMA, NIGERIA: A villager walks through the ruins of the southern Nigerian community of Odioma, a fishing and trading centre, and a historic centre for the Ijaw people in the oil-rich Niger Delta. It was burned to the ground on 19 February 2005 by government troops hunting a local militia leader accused of ordering the murder of 12 people from a neighbouring village during a dispute over the ownership of the proposed site for a new oil well.

The production of oil provides a convenience to the lives and economies of a large population of the world while enriching the multinational oil companies who will have use believe they conduct their businesses in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

For some the production of oil brings about abject poverty, depravity, injustice, violence and a polluted and hazardous living environment where generations have been deprived of an ecosystem that once provided them a livelihood. The people of the Nigerian Niger Delta are such a group. For years they have endured the invasion of their land by multinational oil companies, who were reckless in their methods of oil exploration, and a brutally corrupt military government reluctant to enforce proper environmental regulations. Years of peaceful demonstrations by the people of the Niger Delta were met by injustice and violence dished out by the government to prevent any disruptions to the oil multinational’s activities. One of the most high profile cases of the then military government’s brutality was the hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa, an author and environmental activist, in 1995. “Saro-Wiwa led a nonviolent campaign against environmental degradation of the land and natural waters of Ogoniland by the operations of multinational oil companies, especially Shell” (wikipedia).

Niger Delta oil pollution
Niger Delta oil pollution

The actions of the government and oil companies resulted in some people, misguidedly, taking up militancy. Turning the region into a precarious state, with increasing unrest, sabotage of oil facilities, kidnappings and fighting between the militants and the Nigerian military. Caught in the middle are the people that live in the Niger Delta.

I wonder if faced with the same situations the people of the Niger Delta have endured for years would you have the resolve to carry on hoping for justice one day or would you be tempted to join the militants. Thankfully you don’t have to, but you can help raise awareness of the plight of the people of the Niger Delta. You can start by findout more, sharing this within your network and going to see the film Sweet Crude.

“Sweet Crude is a documentary film about the Niger Delta of Nigeria and the humanitarian, environmental and economic devastation there in the wake of 50 years of oil extraction – and the opportunity for the international community to do something. The film also raises broader issues of oil politics, mass media agendas and the role of independent journalists in getting the truth out” (Sweet Crude Facebook page).

Article by Olu Fashakin

Find out more about Sweet Crude at http://www.sweetcrudemovie.com/

Sex! So What’s the fuss


Has anyone ever spoken to you about sex before and after marriage? Have they ever told you to wait until you find that special person that loves you beyond belief? Have they ever said that sex is a very bad thing that you should never do? I have heard the latter so many times while I was growing into myself.

They say that sex before marriage is a sin before God, I have struggled to believe this for a very long time and even as I write, I still seek explanation to the mystery that surrounds the ethics of sexual relationship and how this relates to God.

One might argue sex is a symbol of love, this I believe to be true because after marriage, sex represents intimacy; so what makes sex bad before marriage and good after marriage?
My knowledge leads me to believe that whatever is bad is bad, and whatever is good is good. A lie can not become the truth, regardless of any explanation you have, so what makes sex bad and then good?

Before I continue, I feel the need to define my understanding of sex as I know that different people will have different definitions for sex.

My definition of sex is the ultimate and most intimate exchange of physical, mental and emotional pleasure; it is yearning to connect with another soul and having one’s innermost desires met.

A level of most intimate can not be achieved unless love is in abundance, however I am not oblivious to the fact that sex has being abused and is constantly being abused. I also understand the spiritual connection that sex promotes. Notice I wrote “promotes” and not “begins”, because I believe that a spiritual connection can be attained without sexual encounter.

So my question is what makes sex unacceptable before marriage and acceptable after marriage?

If your answer involves the bible and you feel the need to direct me to the letter of Paul to the Corinthians, you will have to explain why Paul wrote the letter and what he intended during that period or if you wish to direct me to what the bible states about fornication, then you will have to tell me why it is fornication before marriage and not after marriage since sex is still the major factor.

Ok, now I feel the need to write about fornication. The word fornication does not mean sexual relationship between two unmarried people. OK, let me explain before you rain insults on me.

You will have to agree with me that the bible you carry about is only a translation of what the true bible is. The bible was translated from Greek to English by King James. This is why it states on the first few pages of the bible the bold inscription King James Version.
If the bible was first written in Greek, then it would be common knowledge that those who wrote the bible were Greeks and they wrote in their language. God does not change, His words will not change, and therefore the Greek meaning of words in the bible will always be superior to the interpretations of King James. A Pastor once said, all the answers we need are in the bible, all we have to do is understand what we read. Its plain and simple, the most widely known version of the bible is the King James Version. [version means (according to the dictionary) a particular account of some matter, as from one person or source, contrasted with some other account, a translation]. This does not mean real account.

I will give you the findings of my research for fornication, the true meaning, the Greek meaning;
Fornication. porneia, por-ni’-ah; harlotry (includ. adultery and incest); fig. idolatry:-fornication. [according to the Hebrew Dictionary]

In plain English, fornication means sleeping with prostitutes.

This has not being written in any way, shape or form to promote/demote sex, however, if you have questions like I do, this might prompt you to make enquirers and share your findings with the world.

I have not written this to confuse anyone, though the true meaning of fornication means sleeping with prostitutes; that should not be a reason for anyone to abuse sex.

All I want to know is what makes sex unacceptable before marriage and acceptable after marriage?

by eniola alakija

Umu Igbo Unite Convention 2009 Pics


Umu Igbo Unite Convention 2009
Umu Igbo Unite Convention 2009

The 5th Annual Umu Igbo Unite convention was held this past weekend in Houston, TX. The convention featured a variety of events ranging from a soccer tournament, business professional summit, a banquet, and 2 parties.

For pictures from Umu Igbo Unite convention click here

About Umu Igbo Unite:

Umu Igbo Unite is a US based organization that consists of a wide range of young professionals and college students of Igbo heritage residing in the US. Our membership targets people from all parts of the South-Eastern Igbo speaking states of Nigeria including: Abia, Anambra, Delta, Ebonyi, Enugu, Imo, Bayelsa, Akwa-Ibom, Cross-River and Rivers states.

Umu Igbo Unite is an association of young Igbos whose primary purpose is to:

1. Promote personal, cultural and professional growth by:

-Networking, not only professionally, but culturally and socially as well.

-Initiating, encouraging and supporting innovative Igbo business ideas and existing businesses that have the potential to improve the quality of life in Nigeria.

-Contributing positively towards improvement of the quality of education in our Nigerian schools, through donation of time and resources.

2. Promote unity, co-operation and general empowerment amongst Igbo youth to enhance our voice in national policy. (A house divided, cannot stand…)

3.Providing a forum where young Igbos can share their experiences in the hopes of contribution positively to the growth and progress of Igbos worldwide.

For more information on Umu Igbo Unite, visit the website at www.umuigbounite.com

For pictures from Umu Igbo Unite convention click here

Studio 53 Interviews Banky W

Nigerian RnB Artist Banky W
Nigerian RnB Artist Banky W

Check out an interview on Banky W by studio 53. The video also features a preview to Banky’s new video, Strong Ting. Video looks likes it’s going to be on point.

FELA! Musical Coming To Broadway This Fall

Fela Anikulokpo Kuti

The Legend lives on!!! This fall, Fela Kuti will be brought back to life in a Broadway Musical Series. Fela’s music has been a major influence on the world culture over the past 4 decades. In addition to being a world renowned artist, Fela is also very well known as a political activist, speaking out about injustices in the earlier Nigerian/African governments, and colonial influences.

The musical is directed and choreographed by Tony Award winner Bill T. Jones, and Fela Kuti is played by Sahr Ngaujah.

The musical will showcase and explore Fela’s controversial life as artist, political activist and revolutionary musician. The show will feature numerous Fela Kuti songs, and promises to be a one in a lifetime experience. This is a must-see if you can.

For more info on the musical, showtimes, and ticket information, please visit http://www.felaoffbroadway.com

Check out a couple of pics and a video promo below:

Sahr Ngaujah as Fela
Sahr Ngaujah as Fela

Cast Of Musical
Cast Of Musical

Sahr Ngaujah as Fela with cast of dancers
Sahr Ngaujah as Fela with cast of dancers

Female dancers
Female dancers

Sound City Music Video Award Winners

Sound City Music Video Awards
Sound City Music Video Awards

This past weekend was the Sound City Music Video Award show.It was hosted by Naija RnB sensation, Darey Art Alade, and was held at the Sound City Music Center, Ocean View, Victoria Island, Lagos. Big winners from the award night were 2face, P-square, and Bigiano with each bagging 2 awards each. Check the full list of award winners here:

Best Male Video
• Naeto C – Kini Big Deal

Best Female Video
• TY Bello – Ekundayo

Best Choreography
• P-Square – Roll It

Best Special Effect Editing (Winner to be determined)
• Dipp – Dangerous

Best Cinematography
• Bigiano – Shayo

Best Hip Hop
• Str8buttah – Last Standing

Best R&B or Pop Video
• Darey – Not the girl

Best Duo/Group Video
• P-Square – Roll It

Best Collaboration in a Music Video
• Tuface Idibia ft. Sound Sultan – Enter The Place

Soundcity Viewers Choice
• Bigiano – Shayo

Soundcity Fresh Video (Winner to be determined)
• Steel – South African Girl

Discovery of the year
• Kel – Waa Wa Alright

Hit Producer of the Year (as used in a music video)
• “Suddenly” by D’banj (Don Jazzy)

African Video of the Year
• 340ML (Mozambique)

Best Video
• Tuface – Enter The Place

Rights groups protest Nigerian response to uprising

The body of an alleged self-styled Boko Haram member lies in a street in Maiduguri.
The body of an alleged self-styled Boko Haram member lies in a street in Maiduguri.

Human rights groups on Thursday called on Nigeria to investigate the killing of an Islamist leader shot dead in military custody after leading an uprising that caused hundreds of deaths.

The leader of the self-styled Taliban sect, Mohammed Yusuf, was shot dead after troops arrested him and routed his followers late Thursday. One officer said he begged for mercy before he was gunned down.

“We call upon Nigerian authorities to take immediate action and to investigate and prosecute those responsible for this arbitrary killing and any others that have taken place during this week’s violent clashes,” said Eric Guttschus, Nigeria researcher for Human Rights Watch.

“Mr Yusuf’s killing demonstrates total disregard for the rule of law and the most fundamental human rights,” Guttschus added.

Nigeria’s League for Human Rights has also condemned the killing.

A senior police official said Yusuf was killed after he tried to escape in the wake of an all-out assault by security forces to crush his movement.

“Mohammed Yusuf was killed by security forces in a shootout while trying to escape,” Moses Anegbode, police assistant inspector-general for northeastern Nigeria told BRTV state television.

“I can confirm that he has been killed and the body is with us.”

A policeman earlier told AFP that the 39-year-old Yusuf had “pleaded for mercy and forgiveness before he was shot.”

An AFP journalist saw his naked, bullet-riddled body lying on the grounds of the police headquarters among two dozen others brought in earlier from parts of the city.

State television footage shown to journalists showed jubilant police celebrating around the body, with one officer saying that he feared Yusuf would have been “let off the hook” had he been brought before the courts.

He had been arrested a number of times in the past for leading the movement, and was known to warn while preaching that moderate Muslims should be killed.

Yusuf’s capture and death came after five days of clashes in northern Nigeria between Islamic extremists and security forces that killed at least 600 people, according to figures from police and witnesses.

Troops raided the Islamists’ headquarters in the northern city of Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state, killing some 200 followers of the sect, including its deputy leader.

President Yar’Adua had ordered the raid to crush the movement “once and for all.”

Some 4,000 residents displaced by the fighting were staying in camps set up in the grounds of military barracks and police stations, the local branch International committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said.

“We now have over 4,000 displaced people staying in these camps,” Ibrahim Aliyu told AFP in Maiduguri.

The Taliban emerged in 2002 in Maiduguri before setting up a camp on the border with Niger, from where they launched a series of attacks on the police. Observers estimate Yusuf had thousands of followers.

The unrest is the deadliest in Nigeria since November last year when human rights groups say up to 700 were killed in the central city of Jos in direct clashes between Muslims and Christians.

Source: Yahoo News

This is one of those d*mn if you do, d*mn if you don’t scenarios. While Yusuf might have deserved a fair trial, there is no telling if he would have been set free like he had been the previous 3-4 times he had been arrested.

Thoughts? We would really like to hear what people think of his capture and killing.

OYATO Designs – Business Features


Oyato Designs
Oyato Designs

Jaguda peeped out OYATO’s designs on her blog, and we were wowed by what we saw. Her designs are on point, and very creative. Check out the designs and a brief bio of the company and the outstanding lady behind it.

OYATO (adj.) translation – absolutely, unequivocally DIFFERENT!

The difference is we use fabrics from Africa, a traditionally patriarchal society to create commanding designs for women to illustrate that you can be gracefully feminine yet bold and confident in a male dominated world.

OYATO is the brainchild of Odunayo Ade, a Brooklyn New York born designer of Nigerian ancestry. With an eye for head turning colors and flair for unique prints Odunayo has taken her childhood dream of fashion design from the prestigious Fashion Institute of New York to working at some of the industry’s top fashion houses. OYATO has been featured at local and national fashion shows and as alumnus of the Tracy Reese fashion house Odunayo has participated at the prestigious New York Fashion Week.

In the past year, OYATO has released two collections, ‘Call of the Wild’ our Fall/Winter Collection and ‘Eclecticism’ the Holiday Collection. Currently, the ‘LADY’ Spring/Summer Collection is in the works to be released for viewing in the coming months.

OYATO is a household name with a strong team that provides many services such as Photography, Make Up Artistry, Wardrobe Styling and Tailoring. For ordering information email us at oyato.designs@gmail.com and do visit us at oyato.blogspot.com or follow us at twitter.com/OYATO.

…it’s in the difference!

Check out some more samples of designs below:

OYATO Designs - Exaggeration Gown
OYATO Designs - Exaggeration Gown
OYATO Designs - Pompodore Dress
OYATO Designs - Pompodore Dress
OYATO Designs - Abstract Jacket
OYATO Designs - Abstract Jacket

OYATO Designs - Lady Rebellion Jacket and Skirt | Tulle Cool Skirt
OYATO Designs - Lady Rebellion Jacket and Skirt | Tulle Cool Skirt

OYATO Designs - Antique Dress
OYATO Designs - Antique Dress

OYATO Designs - Geisha Diamond Skirt and Top
OYATO Designs - Geisha Diamond Skirt and Top

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