#BBNaija: Will this be the end of Maria and White Money’s friendship?

White Money, Maria, Pere
White Money, Maria, Pere

The unveiling of the wildcards seems to be causing a shift in the house since the wildcard identities were revealed. 

The relationship between White Money and Maria seem to be under trial. On the contrary, the relationship between the wildcards, Maria and Pere looks very strong at this point.

Before Sunday the 1st of August, it looked like the easygoing relationship between White Money and Maria was a ride or die type, but now the trust and vibe have been put to a test.

However, there seems to be cold blood between Maria and White Money. Following a confrontation between the two, White Money told Maria he was being “downplayed” following accusations that he (White Money) has started giving her a “special attitude.”

White Money went further to say, “if there is one thing that has got me this far, it’s my instinct, my inner voice and it speaks to me.” This he said to solidify his claim to have figured Maria and Pere out.

The resultant altercation left Maria feeling that her intelligence was being mistaken for stupidity.

Maria and Pere’s relationship has taken a new dimension which begs us to ask if there will be a permanent dent in White Money’s relationship with Maria.

Will they find a way to gain each other’s trust again or will this be the end.



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