#BBNaija: There is something off about Whitemoney, He’s not straightforward – Angel


Big Brother Naija #ShineY Eye housemate, Angel, has disclosed in a conversation with Pere that she thinks Whitemoney is not straightforward because of his relationship with Queen and herself.

While Pere and Angel were locked in the “white room” after the eviction show last night, Angel decided to have this conversation with her fellow “fake-evicted” housemate.

After the voting results on Sunday Night, where Queen, Saga, and Nini were evicted, Angel was supposed to be the next housemate to be evicted as she fell behind Pere on the voting list.

However, in a new twist introduced by Big Brother, she was given a chance to play a game with Pere as the duo received a “fake-eviction” from the house and whoever wins the game gets to stay on the show.

In the conversation the duo had while in the “white room”, Angel told Pere about a conversation she had with Queen about Whitemoney and JMK, stating that there is something ‘off’ about Whitemoney.

Revisiting the conversation, she said, “We had a conversation last week when she came to talk to me about the whole JMK situation. When Whitemoney was saying that he kissed JMK.

“I said I didn’t know about that but she said she thinks he’s a trustworthy guy. I said ‘I don’t know’ but for me, something about him is just ‘off’. And my intuition is never wrong.”

Pere said, “Same here. I noticed the same thing. That’s why he and I never got along.”

Talking about herself and Whitemoney, Angel said, “Lately we have been clashing.”

“You guys have been clashing lately?” Pere asked.

Angel said, “We even clashed today in the garden. I like it when people are straightforward. Don’t lie.”

The 21-year-old writer went on to tell Pere about her conversation with Whitemoney when her love interest, Sammie, was evicted from the show.

She said, “When Sammie left, he said he’ll take care of me. He said Sammie told him he should take care of me.

“I don’t know what led to the conversation but I asked him, ‘Who do you like romantically?’ and he said, ‘I don’t know but it could be you.’

“There’s a way you’ll play, I’ll know because I play games too. I like when people are straightforward. He’s not straightforward.”


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