#BBNAIJA: Pere expresses sadness over Maria’s eviction


Big Brother #ShineYaEye housemate, Pere, has expressed sadness over Maria‘s exit from the show.

Pere was also up for eviction but was saved only by narrow margins said that Maria was the life of the show which and her eviction is responsible for his current mood.

He said this while talking with Yousef and Boma, after the live eviction show on Sunday.

Maria’s eviction came as a shock to most of the viewers and even the housemates as some housemates including Pere shed tears following the announcement of her departure.

During the conversation, Pere looked sad and withdrawn. The only thing he said was, “That girl was literally the life of this house.”

Boma then followed with a question, “are you speaking about Maria?” and Pere responded, Yes.

“I’m not scared for Maria. I’ve worked closely with Maria. I used to work as her deputy,” Boma added.

Yousef then dropped a comment saying, “Yea, you were close with Maria. She likes you.”

“I was really close with Maria. Yea, I was. I was a big fan of Maria. When you go outside, you’re going to know. ‘Cause, you’re going to know who’s close to you. I’ve told her, I would not carry my okro close to you,” Boma said.

As Pere still looked sad and was quiet, the guys tried to cheer him up to get over Maria’s eviction.

Boma in an effort to comfort Pere then said, “Be strong bro, I know you’re going to feel it.”


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