#BBNaija: Pere is condescending, treating us like we are his children, Angel and Arin cry out


Angel and Arin have reacted to Pere’s handling of his duties as the current Head of House.

In a conversation with fellow housemate Arin, Angel registered her displeasure over Pere’s authoritarian leadership in the house.

“Everytime he addresses us, he talks to us like we’re his kids,” Angel said while talking to Arin who also agreed with her statement. 

She also complained about the Pere’s decision to put a stop to Whitemoney’s involvement in the kitchen, calling Pere lame for calling Whitemoney out for his so-called strategy. 

“That was so lame of him to even announce that, ‘some people are using strategies, bla bla bla’. You too find your own strategy and use it if it’ll work for you. I think people have forgotten that we’re in a game”, Angel added.

Arin also in agreement said: “If they had asked me to predict everything that Pere would do as an HoH, I would have easily predicted it. From the first day he said we should not disrespect him.”

From all indications, the duo, and other housemates are tired of Pere’s position as Head of House.

“I genuinely thought that he seemed like somebody who would have good leadership skills, but I also said I don’t see him as a genuine person. So none of this that he’s doing is surprising. It will be Monday soon, it’s okay for him.”


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