#BBNaija: New twist as Big Brother introduces “ultimate veto power”


The organizers of Big Brother Naija have added yet another twist to this season’s show as a new ultimate veto power was introduced this week in place of the Head of House games. 

This twist is known as the ultimate veto power, which was introduced on Monday 20th of September.

The winner of the ultimate veto power game will be crowned the ultimate veto power holder for the week.

Also, as the ultimate veto power holder, the housemate will get the power of immunity and the power to choose the HOH for the week.

In the game, each of the housemates were expected to gather as many points as possible. The housemate with the most points wins the ultimate veto power.

The game for the ultimate veto power holder was quite different from the usual Head of House games.

This game, however, involved four lanes with the movement of balls and balloons.

For the game, the housemates were asked to move the ballons from the beginning of a lane to the end of the lane.

Each lane has a different level of difficulty. The less difficult the lane, the fewer points will be won and vice versa.


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