#BBNaija: New Head of House, Maria, has been tasked with a secret assignment


Following the Head of House games hosted on August 16th, where Maria emerged as the new HoH, Big Brother called her to the diary room, told her a secret and assigned a new “secret task” only to her.

The secret involves a new twist to the show as Big Brother informed Maria that the housemates will not get to nominate other housemates for eviction as there will be no eviction on the show this week.

However, Maria must keep this information to herself and convince her fellow housemates that she has been given the power to evict two housemates and this will be based on how they impress her.

To help Maria sell this story, Big Brother provided a writing pad and pen where she will create a ranking system to score her fellow housemates.

This is indeed an interesting task for Maria as in the first week of the show she was tasked with pretending to be a real housemate while she was actually a “wildcard” and had to avoid detection in order to become a real housemate.

Maria was able to hide her identity through the week and was allowed to compete for the 90 Million Naira grand prize.

With this new task, Maria must again do her best to withhold information from the other housemates as Big Brother strongly warned that if the task should fail there will be a prize to pay.


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