#BBNaija: “If you want to come at me come at me like a man” Whitemoney and Pere fight dirty


The long-standing acrimony between Whitemoney and Pere finally gets to a breaking point as both parties face off one another.

In the late hours of August 16th, the housemates got together to play a game called “whisper”, introduced by Cross, the game involves whispering something about one housemate to another housemate and keeping it a secret from the housemate involved.

The game went on fine until Angel was selected and she whispered something about Pere to Emmanuel. 

Pere thought it was Whitemoney and he walked back after the game asking what had been said as he bent down while removing his belt/mic as he walked towards whitemoney.

Whitemoney felt threatened and intimidated by this, causing him to react to Pere saying “I be street boy, I know say you no like me. If you want to come at me, come at me as a man. I love you so much but you hate me. You don’t like me, but, I still kill you with kindness”.

Whitemoney continued, pointing at his leg saying “I chop bullet for here”.

This immediately caused the other housemates to intervene as the tit for tat was getting a little close and could easily become physical. 

Watch the full video below: 


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