#BBNaija: Highlights from Emmanuel and Liquorose romantic dinner date


Big Brother Naija #ShineYaEye housemates, Liquorose and Emmanuel, won an exclusive dinner date as part of their rewards for Liquorose’s successful completion of Big Brother’s secret task.

The dinner date was set in the executive lounge, where the couple met at a buffet table in the private room.

On the buffet table were a variety of meals and from the menu card read by Emmanuel, it was a three-course meal dinner.

The ground area around the table was decorated with many tiny pieces of red rose petals. It was indeed a perfect setting for a romantic evening!

The variety of food available included Jollof rice, grilled chicken, ice cream, ‘Nkwobi’, goat meat pepper soup, ‘Isiewu’, small chops, amongst others.

The two housemates discussed their experience during the prank and Emmanuel noted it was a ‘mentally disturbing task’ and he was happy that it was all over. 

After discussions, the couple went to the dance floor and held each other as they danced to slow music.

Soon, they started kissing passionately while they danced. They also kissed in several positions and smooched each other too.

Liquorose asked Emmanuel to kiss her on her thigh and he smeared ice cream on her thigh before using his tongue to lick them off.

Liquorose invited Cross into the Executive lounge and Cross invited Angel on Big Brother’s permission.

The company did not stop the romantic kisses that were being shared between Liquorose and Emmanuel.

Soon after, Cross and Angel also joined the kissing train as they took their position on the couch and started kissing too.

The kissing match came to an abrupt end when Big Brother asked them to leave the Executive lounge.

That was not the end for Liquorose and Emmanuel, who still continued kissing at the game area.


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