#BBNaija: Ex-housemates Jackie B and JayPaul tackled by Ebuka in a media round


Big Brother Naija #ShineYaEye ex-housemates, Jackie B and Jaypaul were interviewed by Ebuka about the relationships they had while in the BBNaija house.

During the interview, Jackie B the mother of one was asked about her relationship with Boma while they were both on the show and she stated that he was not her type.

Jackie B said, “From the first day I walked in, he was probably the first guy to speak to me. He offered to help me with my bags.

“So I still didn’t pay too much attention to it until he chose me to be his Deputy.

“Even at that, I just felt he chose me because I was the ‘safe option’ because he was in so many triangles at the time already”

“I still didn’t think about it that much until we got into the Head of House room and he told me he liked me. I told him I’m not going to do anything right now. And I’m not going to lie, Boma is not my type”

“So I didn’t want to lead him on. I definitely let him know that I’m not gonna do anything and this is where I stand.” Jackie B said.

Jaypaul, during his own interview also revealed why he wasn’t worried that Saskay had a relationship outside the house.

Ebuka asked him, “Why was it not an issue for you when you knew she talked about a relationship outside?”

Jaypaul answered, “It’s because I wasn’t pushing for a relationship. I just wanted her to know that she’s amazing and beautiful.

“I wanted her to have enough space to do whatever she wanted to do and be whoever she wants to be. I didn’t want to be in her face. I didn’t want her to make any decision based on me.

“If anything is going to happen, let it happen.” JayPaul commented.


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