#BBNAIJA: Ex-housemate Tega shares a kiss with husband as they reunite after eviction


Big Brother Naija’s season 6 ex-housemate, Tega, has reunited with her husband after she was evicted from the show on Sunday.

In a video that emerged on Tuesday, the duo was seen sharing a long hug as they met for the first time since Tega left the show.

Tega was also seen with tears in her eyes amidst cheers from onlookers, while she shared a passionate kiss with her husband.

This came shortly after she openly apologized to her husband and Nigerians through her Instagram account where she took responsibility for indulging in a romantic relationship on the show with ex-housemate Boma regardless of her marital status.

Earlier in an interview on Monday, Tega’s husband stated that he will forgive his wife if she apologizes to him, pointing out that he had not spoken to her since her eviction.

Tega also followed with a statement saying that she had spoken to her husband and they are ‘good’ with each other.

Their emotional reunion confirms her claims as she held on to him for a long time before they shared a long passionate kiss amidst cheers from people present in the room.

Watch the full video below:


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