#BBNAIJA: Ex-housemate Maria reveals how she came into the show as a wildcard


Big Brother Naija season 6 ex-housemate, Maria, has revealed how she ended being a wildcard on BBNaija #ShineYaEye.

In a media round on Facebook live with Punch Online, Maria stated that she had no idea she was going to be a Wildcard till the day that the show started but still agreed to take the role because she loved adventures.

Maria commented, “It happened in the morning when the girls were going into the house by 2:00 am.  We didn’t know that the guys had gone in on a Saturday”

“In the early hours of Sunday when I had an interview with the creative directors and they asked if I wanted to do this. It was 50-50. They told me it could help me and it could also damage me depending on how it panned out”

“I love adventures. I love challenges so I didn’t really think of a negative side like, ‘what if I don’t deliver this properly and I get evicted after a week?’ That will deprive me of the essence and purpose of me going on the show.”

After many considerations, Maria then said she decided to take on the front of being a wildcard. 

However, she also pointed out that she didn’t know there was another Wildcard till Big Brother announced it when the show began.


  1. It’s clear from the beginning that it was all about game. once in a lifetime everybody has played the fool. For some that wants to crucify white money for being smart, Maria did it with all smartness and she thus saved her head. If you know how to play the game, come on. The money is white


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