#BBNaija: Cross apologizes to Nini after their clash; Saga reveals secret prank to Nini


Following the heated exchange between BBNaija housemates Cross and Nini, Cross has formally apologized to Nini, claiming that he didn’t know what led to the outburst which caused the fight.

After the clash and the dust settled, Cross played the peacemaker role as he walked up to Nini by her bedside and apologized for their heated confrontation.

“I didn’t mean to make you upset, I didn’t mean to make you mad, it wasn’t my intentions I swear,” Cross said to her.

“Like I didn’t even know how that happened, but I’m honestly sincerely sorry, please that’s what I want to say to you. Yeah, I’m sorry,” he added.

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In another news, Saga has revealed his secret task to Nini.

While Saga tried to calm Nini down following her altercation with Cross, Saga revealed that Biggie tasked him to start a fight with Nini during his Diary Session.

He confessed and stated that he would never do such a thing to her. Saga went on to tell Nini what transpired between him and Biggie in the Diary Session on Tuesday.

“Yesterday during the Diary Session, he (Biggie) said there’s a task for me, that I should fight with you and not talk to you till the next Diary Session,” he said.

“Have you gone for the next one?” Nini asked.

When Saga replied in the negative, Nini told him, “Good luck to you.”


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