STREAM ALBUM: Kabza De Small, DJ Maphorisa & TRESOR – Rumble In The Jungle


Singer TRESOR joins forces with Scorpion Kings—a production duo consisting of DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small—for an amapiano-powered extravaganza of pan-African melodies. Dovetailing his iteration of pop into amapiano soundscapes, he references Afrobeats, bubblegum, salsa, kwasa kwasa and rumba with expressions both deeply rooted and kaleidoscopic. “We went back to the source and tapped into sounds from all over the continent for this album,” TRESOR tells Apple Music. “This is special for me because it represents a statement of pride in our diversity and embraces the rich musical landscape of our home.”

That embrace sees South African rhythms meet Congolese percussion, intertwined with East African melodies and West African chants. We time-travel to South Africa’s late ’80s on the disco-leaning “Starry Night” before teleporting to Rio’s shores on “Angelina” and capturing Bamako’s dance floors through the lens of Malick Sidibé. “RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE is a sonic roar and cultural bridge bringing people together through music,” he continues. “You’ll find a treasure of your own on this record.” True to form, TRESOR positions the album in a fitting historical context that suggests the coming together of African cultures will reverberate across the world. “The title references the massive fight that happened between George Foreman and Muhammad Ali in Congo,” he says. “I’ve gotten to really understand the cultural importance of that fight. It brought the continent—and Black people from all over the world—together.”

Enjoy below.


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