Liverpool player Virgil Van Dijk and chocolate city’s C-kay


Liverpool football club’s star center-back Virgil Van Dijk suffered an injury in October 2020 and has been on the sidelines since then.

The Dutch international was spotted in a video working out at the gym with choc city’s C-kay’s hit single ‘Love Nwantiti’ playing as the soundtrack.

It is clear Van Dijk is an Afrobeats lover and a C-kay fan.

” Another day. Another step closer” the player captioned the video:

This further buttresses the global acceptance of Afrobeats and it definitely is a win.

In the past we’ve seen other international celebrities vibe to Afrobeats and this shows how much of an influence the genre has on the global music industry.

We wish Mr Van Dijk a speedy recovery and return to club action (He might yet still be able to end Liverpool’s woes).


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