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It’s a beautiful Sunday laying on this couch with my dog, Berlin’.She is a boxer pittbull mix, smart one at that. I’m currently watching the BET awards and the last thing I ever thought I would do today was write. A big win for ‘Burna Boy’, ‘Wizkid’ and the new kid on the block, Rema. For a Nigerian, this is my version of black excellence, and it’s amazing seeing them get celebrated on TV and over social media. Especially on platforms that we’ve always looked up to. I feel this moment is symbolic, as it teases possibilities. It is proof that everything we have always hoped for and wanted is achievable. All we have to do is collectively push the culture to the maximum. Grammys next?

However, beyond the euphoria. I feel there is a dire need for introspection. The PR behind the year 2020 was so natural. I mean, it seemed perfect, almost like a love story waiting to happen. As a teenager, I could only hear vision2020 so much without looking forward to it as this ‘amazing time’. ‘The answer to our prayers’. ‘The start of a new decade’. We are here now, and it’s different

The whole Caboodle is divergent. A year from which we expect so much (maybe just me), leveled all we had thought was important into something inconsequential. Our lives got halted by a deadly pandemic, maybe the silver lining was the emphasis placed on the little things as they mattered a bit more. A forced vacation for most, compulsory relaxation, ample time for introspection, the resentment, grudges don’t matter anymore. We are fighting to stay alive and I want you alive. Stay alive.

All I do now is introspect. I miss being here. I had left a room I loved and cherished. I was imprisoned on the block but the pandemic made them leave the keys behind, how graceful.

But this is not about me, it’s different now. Everything has changed. New leaders of the sounds redefining artistry and most importantly, breaking the rules with no regard. I love the Alte sound, the movement although, they probably think I don’t like them. I’m their biggest fan, but most times the truth seems bitter. However, I can’t downplay how great this room is, with vibrant people pushing the culture and doing the work. The actual work.

You might feel some type of way now, I guess that’s what it takes to be on the side of the truth. My fault if anyone feels that way, blame it on me. I should have kept it a buck from the inception and reminded you all that the truth needs to come up constantly, for growth to occur. Love on this side always.

But we also have to remind ourselves this year is different; it has done more harm than good. It’s the sixth month of the year and last year feels like two years ago. We have lost so much but most importantly, it has revealed a lot. Childhood idols shattered, perspectives on our heroes completely changed. What a year… at this point everyone is questionable.

The voice of feminists on social media has opened up conversations and interesting revelations. We’ve experienced shock, disgust but we still fervently hope more people are exposed. It’s very important this continues as we are firmly responsible for the next generation. We have to curb bad behaviors while learning and unlearning where appropriate.

Imagine waking up on a beautiful day, you hop on twitter and the first thing you read is your favorite celebrity being labelled a sexual abuser, and a rapist. You’d feel disgusted, surely. You are weird if you don’t. A prime example of how one day can alter memories and shatter expectations. Yes, it hurt.

I’ve always wanted to know what the “Koko” was, ever since I was in Secondary school. And I’m sure I wasn’t alone. You can imagine how I felt when I realized that the Kokomaster is a rapist. And that the Koko might mean rape. That’s something you can never forget.
You can’t even play ‘Fall in Love’ at a wedding anymore. It sounds weird. How do you play these songs again? How do you hear the phrase “what’s the Koko” without feeling at least a bit offended?

This definitely shouldn’t be forgotten. We also need to do our part by condemning these disgusting behaviors. The Kokomaster has shown himself these past few weeks. Actions, they say speaks louder. Everything has revealed that the Kokomaster is actually guilty. But will he get prosecuted? Will it stop there? No, I don’t think so.

We definitely have a long road of improvement ahead of us. Most of our favorite celebrities have a seat at this table, it can’t continue. We all have to be responsible for our actions and our friends.
Being a man, you are in some way complicit at this point. You don’t even need to argue this statement. You don’t need to chip in ‘Not all men’. You don’t have to ‘All lives matter’ the ‘Black lives matter’. You just have to unlearn, and learn constantly

This is a time to reflect. To being better, doing better and being honest with ourselves. Our moral compasses should be aligned. Everything is different now, and collective responsibility is also expected among-st us. This is to me putting my foot back at it, hope it continues. Be A decent Human Being

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  1. I’m glad you listened to me , everyone matters and most importantly I’ve missed your write ups . Thank God for mental healing , love you kid


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