Video: White Girl From Wisconsin Speaking Yoruba Fluently


A few years ago there a video of a white guy that spoke pidgin english so well it was scary. Well now there’s a video of a White Girl from Wisconsin that speaks yoruba fluenty. Yoruba is not an easy language and Cara Harshman speaks it very well.

She is currently living in Ibadan and studying Yoruba, and she has adopted the name Titilayo as her Yoruba name.

Pretty amazing stuff if you ask me, especially considering there are probably yoruba people who cant speak yoruba.


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    • hi, bawo ni a in new york…most amazed about your endevouer…As you can see ..You speak yoruba way better than i se o….I am intrigue by yor endevour …please keep me posted…Email:

  1. God created and understands all languages. We only subject our brain to 20% usage so U CAN DO ANYTHING IF U WANT

  2. hmm if i may say, yoruba and hausa are the easier akan languages to learn in my view. I lived in lagos for six months when i was seven and even today I can speak fluent yoruba to my yoruba inlaws.I think learning eachothers language and culture teaches us tolerance.

  3. Wow am very impressed in wat u did Titilayo, she even told me a proverb that “Tewe bape lara ose nise nii dose” am impressed.


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