VIDEO: Should A Man Of God Own A Private Jet? Nigerians speak.


My people have spoken, Ehen. IrokTv went on the streets of lagos to ask fellow Nigerians if Pastors should own private jets. You know the ones with Private jets rights?

Watch, and share your thoughts also.

1ROKtv hit the streets of Lagos to gather the opinions of average Nigerians – if it is right for a man of God to own a private jet. Check out some of the really interesting responses we got. Join the discussion. Happy viewing!

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  1. It is not out of place 4 a pastor to own a private jet if only all his members on the average are doing well…. But its all vanity to me….. My pastor owns a private jet and I’m squeezing myself in a cab to the church? Hell no! It’ll be a kill-joy to many

  2. Jesus been get plane? Even ordinary horse sef he no get… he rode in with an ass. So no, pastors should not have private jets when their congregation is suffering

  3. @bushgirl I totally agree with you oh, its all vanity upon vanity…this days pastors are so wealthy than their state governors…all the disciples in the bible weren’t rich oh,ther left errytin…so hell no,pastors anit sopos 2 own a private jet wen some pple can’t even pay their levies ..

  4. wah people dont understand is that,theyll die and leave these things why not share it with the needy?


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