Video Of MoHits Signing With Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music




The news broke last week along with some pictures of Dbanj, Don Jazzy with Kanye West & Jay-Z. Here is the video of that epic event. In the video you can spot Clipse, Kanye, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi…. Enjoy.

*** See Kanye West singing Scape Goat… Omo man


Source: Mo-Hitts Records Website



  1. This just goes to show that all involved in this process are sharp guys. D'banj and Don Jazzy for having that connect and Kanye for recognizing talent. Won't be long before we start hearing Jay-Z and 'em rhyming on 'it's Don Jazzy again' beats.

  2. I’m so happy that all these are happening, D’Banj, Tuface,etc in the our music setting, Genevieve & Omotola in our movie, and still counting. You cna’t but be excited if you check where we’re coming from. It is not about time again, but this is the time!

  3. I'm so excited about all these happening now; D'Banj/Don Jazzy & Mo'Hits (Based on Don Jazzy explaination @ the Press briefing), Tuface etc in the music industry, Genevieve & Omotola in the movie industry, and still counting. So happy about all these. You can't but get excited if you understand where we're coming from, it in no longer about time for us, but now is the time!

  4. somebody pls tell what d prince will be doing will he rap or sing (baby i am pencil u be the sharpener) so wackkkkkkk…….


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