VIDEO: Mode Nine Goes Commercial



Here is a short video interview of ModeNine discussing his to-be-released album contents. Mode Nine has received little or no attention from fans in recent times. Obviously music is way beyond the stereotypical flows, little wonder his switch to commercial music.

Trendwatchtv caught up with the Six time Headies ‘Lyricist On The Roll’ category winner and he sure shared a lot.

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″][/youtube]


  1. Dem say MI ABAGA was a disgrace to Rap/hiphop because he drop MI2 which sold like pure water. Now legendary Modo is going commercial. My finger is crossed! My best MODE9 Song ever is CRY which was released 2005. I want to see mode9 of 2005, am waiting.

  2. Fact is modenine is good buh his ego won’t let him blow, it’s the music industry bro, there’s no harm doing collabo’s, you can’t do everything on your own bro, you ain’t GOD, consider working with other artistes and your luck will definitely change #bless

  3. Abeg Mode9 style is dry. Even Nas that was pure hip hop is trying to branch out to be commercial. No harm in doing collabos


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