VIDEO: M.I Or Vector, Who is the best rapper?


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There have been speculation among music fans on who is the best rapper between MI and Vector, so GoldMyneTV went to the street of Lagos to ask the fans.

Watch What they have to say, The word on the street.



  1. I dont like comparin dem both cos i love both of to me i wil give modern day rap i wil give V.E.C i love both of them..respect to M and V..

  2. one thing is certain
    these 2 are the best in 9ja on their good day
    they are my fav and I’ll slightly place M above V
    but they are both bloody rappers

  3. If u listen to V.E.C very well, u will knw that the guy is better than M.I the thing is just like 7up the diffrence is clear

  4. If u respect gud punchlines, gud mataphors and above al gud delibvery, u’ll surely pick VEC…its VEC al d way…

  5. Even a deaf Man hears every punchline dt comes outta Vector’s mouth. his flows aint 4rm this planet. He’z so E.T.


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