VIDEO : KnightHouse [Phenom & WillyBang ] – Live at 51


Knighthouse takes the hit-making experience to the next level with the release of the Live at 51 version 2.0 buzz video featuring recent signees Phenom and Willybang, The video is the first installement in a series of songs, videos and documentaries marking off the beginning of the Street Scriptures vol 2.0 project.

    The label in 2010 released the mixtape Street Scriptures vol 1 which presented an eclectic mix of hip-hop sounds and the major hit single Da Finest (Won beri). the mixtape gave new, upcoming & Established acts such as M.I, Saucekid, Wizkid, iceprince, Eldee, Funbi, Modenine, Blaise, Kel, Da Grin, Teeto etc., a platform to express their amazing musical talents.
    With Street Scriptures vol 2.0, the label is prepared to take it up a notch by going into partnership with a soon-to-be announced heavyweight media company/label and feature an impressive roll-call of artists. The idea behind this video and subsequent ones is to give the general public a taste of how the label intends to bring the new mixtape to life. “It’s all about the experience”, says Temi Gomes, the technical director Knighthouse


Video was directed by E.B.I



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