VIDEO: JJC on D’banj & Donjazzy’s Saga, Calls D’banj A Bad Seed


Nigezie Caught up with JJC of 419 squad on the saga between him and Dbanj and Don Jazzy. He went off on D’banj on how he taught him everything to be where he is today. He basically went off and said some secrets about him from the past based on the article that surfaced online yesterday. He calls him the Bad seed in the box, that caused everything.

Very Intense interview, i guess D’banj has crossed some path he shouldn’t have. Watch the video below.

Full Interview

I started doing JJC and 419 squad which was a squad of people that was speaking and rapping in yoruba.along the way MP took a guy called D banj to my house and d banj
came as normal up and coming artist normally do,baba please your name is big,please help me,yeah and of course ,like the mugu,mumu button activated JJC,i introduced hum
to my band ,what can you do,he sang,i said thats not really good,the harmonica that you play is really good,lets work on that one and develop your style,along the way another guy called kas
brought don jazzy to my houseand don jazyy at that time was playng for solek as a piano player and Dbanj and don jazzy now was working with me.
the thing that upset me was the article said thatthey were working for four years and didnt get anywhere,you tell me whereelse you could be,i toook all of them to womad which is biggest african world
stage they could be,we were performing in every single show that there was possible,anything that was happening ,JJC and 419 was doing it,we were at the top of the game
and a lot of people can actually testify to that,what are you crying about,i didnt pay you to come and perform,You are nobody,nobody knew you,so would i pay you to come and perform
i was giving you an opportunity,giving you a platform to come and perform,so i dont understand that,
Number 2


The article said something about how i cheated don jazzy,how come don jazzy didnt say that for himself,you tell me what incident i cheated him,i taught him how to
produce,which made him don jazzy that he is today,i use to pay him a thousand pounds everymonth in 2004 which was almost 250k for being a trainee,now i come back to nigeria to come and do awoo
and i see don jazzy ,d banj .Don jazzy was even talking to me, D’banj was carrying himself like some superstar,yes he has made something of himself and salute
to the music that don jazzy made,salute to the lyrics that don jazzy wrote cos i know from mobolowowon to all the way,na me and don jazzy write am,now the rest of the song that
follow, i am sure don jazzy wrote it and if na lie let me hear,even wande coal don tell me say na don jazzy and him dey work for the records and now you are mr d banj
koko koko,you think you are God,what did you call yourself, jesus of nigerian music
I paid them to learn how to become bette themself ,so that you can become someone big and then for you to turn around and be slandering my name?Ki lon she e now
You have the mouth to say it ,after you don eat my food,sleep in my bed,i even give you girl,you are the one that was the bad seed

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  1. This wasn’t an interview , mr. JJC am so disappointed in u saying some words here not for you??? So u are the people who don’t encourage artist , saying to artist u brought them to limelight to perform free ,do show free make dem hungry bcos u think u showing them platform ,that is why most upcoming now don’t grow bcos we think we doing favour for them , no man do favor for anyone is he got talent he got talent anything he do u ve to appreciate n pay them. U fall my hand in that.

    • ma dear wen ppl push u to de wall, u most how ever react to it no mata what, so i say dont blame him for saying his mind, cos if u were in his shoes, trust me, u will do worst. being ignored by a frnd or some one u helped can b really annoying and stuff, so me go say make u free jjc, big boi or small boi we all get our fault. thats it.

  2. dbanj u don forget say you be nigerian, Show your elders respect. This one na real awooo lashing.. looooollll

  3. Dis is a disappointing development…u guys are looked up to on d streets of Naija as ambassadors, all dis BIF would do no good, already we have serious misgivings about it all,JJC,Don J,D banj,Wande…..u guys are killing a good tin, if a truce could b called we would (Here in Naija) be more dan happy….u guys are our joy and pride to d world….STOP DIS BIF…..MORE MUSIC…LESS BAD BELLE PLZ xxx…nolongtin!

  4. D banj remember who make u wat u are today no matter wat u0Ave become today, remember with out don jazy u are not going to b where u are today. So u guys should come back and do things in a proper way.

  5. JJC is a disappointment,you taught D’banj how to sing,who cares?You must crawl before you walk,obviously,D’banj must start from somewhere. The same JJC said why should he pay them,imagine. This isn’t an interview,this is an article full of hatred and jealousy. If JJC thinks he is good,he can as well continue bring good music to Nigeria and he will have his market and fans back,period.

  6. Dude…jeff…read nd understand b4 u start talkin shit, jjc sed he dint pay dem 4 shows bur paid dem as trainees…they stil got paid! 2 me jjc did nd sed notin rong, Dbanj is stil d black sheep in al dis

  7. It is only god dat can do things without descendant,,,jjc dis news u ar spreading is nt genuine 2me,u’ve been saying It 4 long,,Y??stop it & just leave d rest 4god,,@least u’ve influence dem all 2ru ur help…dat ow god want it to be…u even said D’banj is a bad seed,,so wat don jazzy??I need a sponsorer too,am an upcoming PRODUCER,,buh nt d one who will publish me 2 d world dat am a bad seed….l.o.l

  8. Jjc…. U re a broke ass nigga… Carried him for show and u don’t pay and still u brag… I am sure u did dis interview so u can afford to eat… Even if u wrote songs for dbanj, dat isn’t news … Get a life and maybe some money… U also need a hair cut

  9. i guess in a way i would react the same way (JJC) if someone questioned your character and integrity and called you a cheat, i can see he was obviously hurt by the comments dbanj made

  10. I really don’t blame JJC for his tantatrums agaisnt d’banj. D’banj has to be careful..things are going bad for him this year. Form the Subsidy issue, to the Ebony mag interview, to the final split from Mohits and now this? He really nEeds to swallow his pride and watch his back.

  11. Jjc or wat do u call urslf, que Dieu te punisse. Even if u helped him bcum wat he is today, u av no right 2 say all dose words. Mind you, he’s doing wat u can’t do, breaking boundaries nd winning d soul of evry music lover home and abroad. Pls ask JJC 1 question. Hw many awards av u won??? Get a life by doing music with pigs. If u eva in ur life insult D’banj again, u’ll get more frm me.. Oloshi

  12. hehe! Watch Nollywood… this is just a script in the making….lol. Lets see… they name of the movie might be..uhmm….'Kokomaster palava Part 1,2,3,4 and 5'

  13. See enviness o! shey na don jazzy write lyrics for lagos party rmx too ni…abeg make dis JJC guy go fynd beta work do…mttcchheew!!

  14. This s nothing but hate and jelocy. If you claim to be so good then why are you not as successful as even wande coal.. I think you are just bitter that the guy who used to eat your feed and sleep on ur bed is more successful than your broke ass You claim to be holy, did you not do scams? When he was under you, did you not scam dbanj? You paid don jazzy 1k a month and paid dbanj nothing even though you know couldn’t sing but could play the mouth organ? What do you call that? you said he was rising his hands towards you, you too what were you looking for? You must have done something wrong that’s why, he raised his arm. Dj kas was there when it all started too, yet he was in dbanjs video.
    At one stage of our lives, we all must have needed help and if he ate your food and slept on your bed, so do you have to come and say all that.. Personal,I was never a fan of dbanj but after ally these saga, Im beginning to like him more and promot his music amoung my non Nigerian friends..
    Nigeria, has always been known negativities, one person tries to rise and give us a little positive image and you try to bring him down, why?
    You claim it was about the article that you read but we all know it’s not true, we know you have benn waiting to jump in so you can have little fame and spoil the guys name.
    I used to have little respect for you but after this, I think you are a cheap, low life loser. You are nothing but a failure that’s you it hurts you that your so called boy has gone so far in such a short time and you are trying to make name off him.
    If Don Jazzzy wants to go,then he should.. There are hundreds of producers out there.. Dapo is successful, he will get people to write him songs and produce his songs and trust me he will be bigger than you your biggest your dream ..
    We all know dbanj would have nothing without you unfortunately, you were mentioned on mercury records website, he remembers everything both the good and the bad. From my whole opinion, ithnk you started well but did not end well thats why you do get repect from him.
    This is perhaps the longest comment I’ve ever I had to write but going by the way you jumped and attacked dbanj, i just feel I should let out my mind based on the various interviews.
    Hater please go back to you taxi driving businesss and be original. Fake ass idiot.. Good for nothing old fool..

  15. This s nothing but hate and jelocy. If you claim to be so good then why are you not as successful as even wande coal.. I think you are just bitter that the guy who used to eat your feed and sleep on ur bed is more successful than your broke ass You claim to be holy

  16. Jobless clowns, all of you need to be doing something with your lives. All the actors you guys are panning are living their lives, go live yours. Shikena *drops mic*.


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