Video: Foxy P Discusses His Views On Rick Ross’ Hold Me Back Video Shot In Nigeria


Foxy P of the Africa Today Show, jumps on the hot topic of the week, and this is of course Rick Ross’ video for his single, Hold Me Back. Everyone and their mama has had something to say about it. Both positive and negative.

Foxy P is no different. Enjoy.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]


  1. Foxy P talk am complete. So many things holding us back. I give thanks say JAMB no hold me back.

    But really. People love to de form say those parts of Naija de hard to find. Just wake up and look in any direction. Sufferhead full everywhere! Make Naija people carry go.

    If e pain us, lets make noise so it can be fixed. Until then, people will continue to wash us.

  2. No be those singling Twins fault(Peter Nd paul). Inn con visit dem. Inn con đε̲Ɣ overdo everytin. Also Naija need to change. Its a bad news 4 D figureheads holdin strategic positionz in government. Imagine gej. No good Thing he has done by himself since his inception.


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