Video Director Claims Kenny Ogungbe of Kennis Music Cheated Him


This video came across us and I was wowed by what I heard. Now we’re not sure how true what this guy is saying is, but given recent fall out between Kelly Handsome and Kennis Music, and also 2face fall out with Kennis Music a few years back, one has to at least listen to what this Director is saying. Very interesting stuff. Not sure what is going on, but everyone has their side of a story. Check it out. Below is from the Adam Jones, the video director.

Kenny of Kennis Music and Primetime Africa fame, only paid me half of my directing fee. He took the footage for two Kelly Hansome videos and handed it to an editor without my involvement and directing notes. The videos turned out poorly. They were not what I intended, nor was the editing up to my standards. Kenny’s actions are the equivalent of agreeing to a payment, paying half, waiting for it to be done, and disappearing. Put simply, Kenny stole my labor.



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