Video: Dbanj Interview With Max Of Choice FM In London


Dbanj has been in the headlines for much more than just his music recently.He recently joined Max on her radio show on Choice FM in London.

In the interview he discusses his deal with Kanye, his music and other things.

Check it out.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]



  1. arrogant fucker am straight up here, hope u heard u will soon be replaced by Mariostyle..Mr reason

    So dude dbanj go suck ya self we ain’t felling u no more..aii

  2. Dbanj all d best but do what’s right. @Akin speak for yourself ok and don’t generalise. That’s your opinion not a public one. Use the word ‘I’ and not we.

  3. Fuck you @Akin, D’banj is still d best- U said u aint feelin him no more but billions stil feelin him biggy! So who d fuck are u nt 2 feel him anymore!

    Go cook ur beef or eat it raw! SUCKER!



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