Video: AfroBeats Festival 2011 [Press Conference]


Factory78 was recently at the press conference of the first ever Afrobeats festival featuring African acts such as P-square,Wizkid and Iceprince. P-square the headliners acts used the opportunity to clear a few misconceptions about international collaborations on their album as well popular beliefs about their manager and video director Jude okoye. Watch the entire press conference here on Factory78tv

[youtube width=”560″ height=”349″][/youtube]


  1. When you say Western Music, is that a code word for Black American Music… Are music is African Music, are forefathers were taken a slaves by the White Man and sold by some ruthlese and demonic African Kings…. Don't hate me, cause I live in the west…. Are music evovled through pain and suffering.
    We had to be the best….. And Black American music is the best in the world… However I love my African Brothers and you guys make great music too, together we can be unstoppable… Just let's work together and not let others seperate us… AfroBeat in the west will be difficult at first, but work with American Artist and they will work with you if you show them love…


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