Toe To Toe! Stella Damasus and Senator Yerima on Al-Jazeera Network THE STREAM



Nigerian movie star Stella Damasus and Senator Ahmed yerima went toe to toe on the Al-Jazeera show The Stream’ tackling the Underage Marriage issue in Nigeria. Senator Yerima talks about how he met and married his 14 year old Egyptian bride. Mehn, its a must watch!


  1. Jaguda,
    thanks for having this on your blog…
    Poor Stella. Lord knows i would have thrown my Christianity and intellect out the window just to give those madmen some good cussing! Nigeria where are we heading to? That Lagos State University Professor is a disgrace to the NIgerian education system( which in itself needs a complete overhaul) As for Yerima, his gross misinterpretation of the laws of Islam is sickening. (I’m not even muslim, but i feel sorry for my muslim friends who sadly, will be placed under one blanket due to his ignorance and selfish desires. )


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