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Riz is back again with a video for his single "She Loves Me"... I guess this is the MTV version, and it sure looks like a video made for MTV. Nice One! Enjoy!
I must admit, this is one artist that I barely heard of until today. The song is really nice and I'm loving the lyrics. Check it out and enjoy!
My people, una well done o. This is Aribaba back again with 10 things I love about Naija. I hope say una never tire for me yet. It seems like such a long time ago that I started this series. Anyways... number 8 on the 10 things I love...
Brand new video for Naeto C's jam, Ako Mi Ti Poju... Those that don't know what that means, it is "My Shakara is too much." Check out the vid.
Banky's new vid for Strong Ting is out. Hot!! Check it out.Courtesy of NotJustOk.com
This is currently one of my favorite's songs out now. A remake of Osadebe's classic Osondin Owendi. Here is the video. Enjoy!
New video from IGHO... Pretty nice.... great quality. Check it out.
So, there is no time wasting with the release of this video. The single barely dropped yesterday and now the vid is out. Check it out.Sasha ft Dama Do Bling - Put It Down from NJO on Vimeo.
Wow!! Talk about back to back releases. Right after the song was the released, P-square have released a video to the track, Danger. Nice!!! They looked like they were having fun shooting the vid. Enjoy!
Check out this hot video from Naija's reggae queen, Nyore.
I really can't say too much, and I'm not clear how this will work out, but I do understand the intent. Watch the interview. How do u feel? Is this smart on the part of the government agency, or not? Comments
Interview with CBN Governor Lamido Sanusi by CNN on the bailout package in Nigeria, the firing of 5 Bank Execs, and the economic climate in Nigeria.Last week, central bank Governor Lamido Sanusi fired the chief executive officers of five banks over a mounting debt crisis in the industry and...
So Mr WC-izzy went back to the drawing video with his bumper to bumper video. This is the official video. The version that leaked a couple of months ago apparently was not the official video. Not sure how much better this is though, but it looks more thought out....
Chocolate City's hit producer/artist Jesse Jagz had dropped his video for his single "Pump it up." Hot video! Check it out.
Check out the hot new from Darey. Darey seems to be on his grind popping out video after video. I respect it. The song is from his album UnDareyted.
Wow. Banky W is taking video making in Naija to a whole new level. Check out the preview to his Strong Ting video dropping soon.