Nollywood Feature: Okoto The Messenger



Check out the trailer for the ‘soon to be released’ Nollywood comedy movie, Okoto The Messenger. The movie tells the story of an immigrant couple Okoto, (played by Pascal Atuma) and Angeline (played by JJ Bunny) and their struggle of maintaining and keeping an African culture in the USA.

On returning to Africa, he has the sudden realization that although he has maintained a somewhat African lifestyle in America, he has infact forgotten some of the basics of the African Tradition, especially when it comes to marriage and relationships.

The film features Aloma Wright from the TV Show “Scrubs”, Oscar Atuma from My American Nurse 1 and 2, Ghana’s International star Vida Darko, Bill Lee Brown, Nollywood Veterans Ben Nwosu, Ashley Nwosu, Emeka Ani, Nora Roberts etc, and a bunch of upcoming talents like Dee Dabira, Ikenna Ewuchie, Serge Murphy Ukah, Jennifer Oguzie, Stanley Atuma Sierra Leone’s actress Christine Lebbie and much more.

Produced By Oscar Atuma & Pascal Atuma… Written & Directed By Pascal Atuma

[youtube width=”640″ height=”385″][/youtube]

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