Nigerian White Boy Speaking Pidgin English


So I saw this on youtube and didn’t think the guy was gonna be sooo good in pidgin english, but dude is definitely on point. Apparently he grew up in Jos, and is originally from Colorado. Don’t know how old this is or if everyone has seen it but here goes.



  1. Cute..but why is this an amazing thing..or so wow? dont all you Nigerians speak english, is that your mother tonuge!..lolzz just playing devils

    • You know I thought about that too… lol. We speak english and not many oyimbo people are wowed… or maybe they are sometimes cos i've gotten the "you speak english so well" compliment before…. even though I took it more of an insult…lol.

      • I know eh..whenever they do that stupid wow you speak english well. I am like I know, you do tooo(wiv oyinbo girl accent)..:) hehe!! I like this website..:0 you guys are trying..:0


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