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Kezieh 2

The visuals for this for this debut solo (see snapshots below, or watch full video here>>>>) is a dramatised

enactment of the story, depicting Kezieh’s unconventional approach in his quest for love with a certain stunning

young lady on the streets of London. Most definitely one to always refer back to, as the montage is so visually

stimulating and captivating that it most certainly in its rights command a re-watch over and over, and then again just

when you thought you had seen enough, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

Kezieh - Your body (Artcover)
About Kezieh:

Real name, Chikezie Valentine Oliver-Uzoaru) is a U.K based

African artist, producer, and songwriter. Born and raised in Imo-state Owerri, Nigeria in February 1989, where he

spent his earliest memories up to the age of 15 before migrating to the U.K. with his family.

Not unlike many, his earliest exposure to African music was that of the likes of the great Fela, Sir Shina Peters, Oliver

De Coque, Emeka Morocco etc. by his father, whom lived in Lagos for some time. His direct inspiration to a career in

the music industry was influenced by “Styl-Plus” after their debut single “Olufunmi” which led him to believe that

African music can still be contemporary, whilst still retaining its African heritage and origin.

Kezieh 3

He began his career in 2012, and did a number of collaborative works with some of the U.K’s hottest afrobeats artists

at the time, but fully ventured into the industry in 2015, releasing his first official debut single “Your body”.

“Your body”

Kezieh’s debut solo “Your body” is an easy listening light-hearted groove feel music, juxtaposed with funk and

Afrobeat 70’s style; it is composed of strong, macho and articulated guttural vocals over the swavey instrumentals

well produced by Brass, a young versatile Nigerian producer.

The content of the track is very much in line with its title “Your body”, which speaks for itself; a rather flamboyant

young buck in pursuit of the affections of a certain love interest, “your body, I want your body, baby give me your

body, because I want your body…”. This can be perceived by some as indeed a very cocky and direct approach to

romance; when asked his opinion on this at an east London studio, JL Muzic Studio, he chuckles and responds

“underneath the chivalry and gentleman façade of dating etc. this is our basic instinct, it’s only natural, I’m just cutting

to the chase”, well put.

Kezieh 1

Hate it or love it, you can’t deny his music is unique in its rights, by refusing to conform to the widespread viral

Afrobeat high tempo dance music of today, giving audience the chance to experience African music in a different

context, in line with just a handful of other artists of the same genre such as Burna Boy, Boj (DRB) & Yung L; which

are the top of the very few artists of today he draws inspiration from.



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