Movie Trailer: 4PLAY Reloaded



The first movie was a huge hit, mainly for all the “interesting” reasons, now there’s a “part 2” so to speak of the movie… 4play reloaded looks like everything from the first one and more. Check out the trailer.

[youtube width=”560″ height=”344″][/youtube]



  1. I don't understand why Ghanaian movies are so raunchy… nah congi dey hold dem for ghana? I mean I can help out of they want

  2. the movie is bullshit ghana thy r worst pirate we go fiht thy too dey copy another pple movie.thy no sabi anything see dat movie india don act am him thy go copy am.abeg i dey comot here

  3. be decent in everything u are doing people will love u most why just imaging the comment that comes out of ur people u think they are ur supporter , because all what u doing is not out culture meaning African culture


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