Jaguda Gist – The P | Episode 1


Ok Ok Ok… I know by the title you guys are probably wondering, what this is all about. Well, thanks to two very special people, TresDouce & BeautifulLoveV, we’re starting a video gist segment/show, titled Jaguda Gist. In this video segment our two hosts will be discussing the recent happenings on the site. From articles, to crazy comments, to new songs, new videos, issues going on in and out of Nigeria. It’s a webcam based show, so it’s done in the comfort of their environment… No props or background scenery :). This is our inaugural episode, so we’ll appreciate all the feedback you can give… as long as you no dey cuss person mama. Lol.

So without further yarns, here is our first episode of Jaguda Gist – The P. Oh yeah… u can follow the girls on twitter by the same names.


  1. Ok. Great concept. Okay so this Nigerian site. Please less phonetics seriously!!!!

    The girl looked pretty though 🙂

  2. Thunder fire the okoroko head who said something about my Texas chick Victoria na ur face a hot mess.. dodo face…tampon tongue…crayola makeup face…cassava shape head..hiss lol Who born u sef wey u get mouth behind computer with ur blowdoll stature..lol

  3. Uhm, Why are you guys exposing yourselves?..because una get GC or Blue P. Pls stfu abeg what a topic, do you know if the Uscis is watching this thing, like really? you 2 how did your papa/mama get GC ehnn? PLS gtfoh and talk make-up/hair

    ps: the fone" "i do wanna i do gonna" accent has to go asap as in i dey here 9ja/British/Cyprus accent

  4. whatsup with that chics hair…o_0 whats that space in between.*deep sigh*.anywhoo the concept is awesome but the presentation is bull-FUCKING-crap!!everything here screams fake..the accent,the hair..wtf.. Nigerians are supposed to be repping..asin!!theres nothing like good polished Nigerian accent with a little pidgin here and there..you know..make it interesting.damn!!.because right now it looks like two bimbos intro to porn or something..

  5. woow..i like but d hair nd d phonetics..mehn dat jst took away d purpose of d vid..gud try ladies..more palm0il to ur elbows

  6. the way lil miss buriful love vee aka vistoria(thats how she says it) mixes igbo with spree spree is making my ear ring. pls stick to one or just speak pidgin. God bless


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