D’Banj looking for Kokolette in Koko Mansion


Just watch. I don’t need to say much. File`!!!!



  1. oooo snap! i cnt wait for dis how to begin u know the girls are not going to be stylish and all dat but hey i wanna watch just for laffs!

  2. thanks for the show man but it's getting boring cause of some one and that is shona can u tell her to be mor4e realistic cause pple complain of her behaviour, is good to speak good english not by going to the f word or some things that piss me off i just hope u will find the good kokoletts or watever u want but can u shout my hi to bola for me cos she is the only one i like listing to on the show, i would have stop watching the sshow but thanks to bola cause she is got that cute voice that can make pple fall,


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