Alabai Stands Tall: The celebrity profile of the Ogbanje Crooner



Unlike The Crop of music talents Making the rounds today, Alabai stands tall not only in Size but also in longevity which can’t be questioned by any Critic as he remains one the founding fathers of what music is today in the Nigerian hip hop scene.

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Born to Nigerian parents on the 29th of November with both parents from Akwa Ibom origin, he’s obsession for sounds , poetry , experimenting spoken words on backing tracks stylishly using rhyming tactics and wordplay lead to the evolution of this Rhyme commander .
His sojourn into music began in is early years as a kid, while growing up and making admirable tunes from pre made records, His parents moved to Illinois Chicago where young Sylvester Sunday Ekot had to battle with a new environment, These actually fomented the urge to make his own record haven’t seen and face neighbourhood competitions , seeing the act, as one that can generate an amiable source of income.

In 1995, Alabia took charge of his coast (Festac) and went on to create and name one the very first Hip hop group in Nigeria (Def O Clan) . This group was made up of Stars in there very various rights. The group had the likes of Azadus, Buzzman, Cyclone, Bl ,Dac eye, Rabbi and off course ALABAI the front liner. They panned out several singles Kilonso and Countdown . They basically held not only Nigeria to ransomed but the entire sub sahara Africa. Alabai was nominated the best rapper and the Group clinching the best Rap group at the 2003 Amen Awards. This didn’t come as to people judging by the numerous nominations that came before the plaque.

Standing at an intimidating 6.5ft tall, his voice texture and his eloquent speech delivery got him on air working at Radio Cooperation also know as CRBC from 1999 2004.
In mid 2004, Alabai obtained bachelor of science Degree in Chemistry at the university of Calabar. Nigeria.

The group Def o clan later fell Apart with Azadus signing wit Kennis music and Alabai often featured on tracks by Several artistes , buzz-man and the rest going on to pursue that different endeavours.

In February 2005, black face of the plantation boy fame featured Alabai on a song Titled (Hard life)
This was a monstrous hit the shut Alabia to fame and people soon forgot about him been a member of defunct rap group. He didn’t rest his oars , He was also on Paul plays smash hit (Forever) . He also went on to be Featured on 2 tracks (Dancer and Without) by Veteran Music act Sunny Neji.

He passion for radio got him back on the airwaves working at Brilla Fm , in just fews months he became the listeners favourite, Alabai enjoys sprinting with a person best of 10.01 seconds in 100 meters dash. He also holds a black belt in Karate.

Shortly after he was spotted on the Plantation Bioz’s Plan B album ,Co waxing a tremendous tracks on the Album with the trio, Alabai Dropped one of the most brilliant effort ever in the history of Nigerian Music . The Track titled (Voice of God) didn’t only top the charts but also held the industry in a choke hold for seasons. Making it to video and one of the very first jobs Clearance peter did and gave him some strategic placement in Creative industry.

Now signed to DCCR Owned by Ugoh Edmund ( Don Coleone) , Alabai opens the curtains again with another new massive single titled ogbanje, This song sat on the no 1 spot on JAJ’s top seven at seven count down for 2 weeks back to back on rhythm 93.7, also the song of week on tool’s show on Beat 99.9 . to mention a few. The video currently playing repeatedly on all Terrestrial and satellite in and outside Nigeria. The song Ogbanje is more than anthem now in Nigeria but also a slogan and a topic of discussion amidst people, Currently rocking strictly the stage on Demand . Alabai is more than your average artiste , A man of character, humour with talent
one can only expect nothing but paramount take over from legendary bundle of talent.

SONG TITLE : Ogbanje
TWITTER: @alabai_sir



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