Africa Today Show: Episode 66 | Woman Kills Leopard With Hand & Other Stories



Welcome welcome! We’re glad to announce that going forward we’ll be bringing you the latest edition of the Africa Today Show by Foxy P of the African comedians. We’ll be your one stop hub for this hilarious comedy webshow.

This week’s episode which is episode 66 features the following issues:

  • 15 year old boy electrocuted in Ekiti State
  • Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf gives ministers who left the country because of Ebola scare 1 week to return
  • UN reports increase in Albino killings for juju in Tanzania
  • New research study finds that couples who smoke weed are least likely to be violent to each other
  • Armed Robbers thief Kenya President Motor
  • India Woman kills Leopard
  • Uproar in Nigeria as New National ID carries MasterCard logo

Sit back, watch and enjoy.

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